Our View: Students need to hold administration accountable

Board of Opinions

Last Wednesday, President Brooks Keel, his cabinet and SGA representatives delivered the first ever State of the University Address.  The administration spoke about many things, including the new health center, athletic teams and the spring concert for 2014. However, the most important thing about the night may have been the precedent set of the administration directly speaking to the students and faculty.

Too often, the administration makes seemingly sudden announcements that affect students without any forewarning. This address can help resolve that issue and improve the communication between students, faculty and administration.

Although there were no surprise announcements or controversial things said, the university can use this tool in the future to announce new projects and plans directly to the students, giving them a greater sense of importance and worth to the administration.

However, with the increased communication and visibility by the administration, the responsibility to keep the people in charge accountable for their words and plans falls upon the students and faculty of GSU. Students and faculty need to remember the topics talked about at the address and make sure that these plans either happen, or if the administration’s plans are ill advised, do not happen. Students and faculty can now talk about these plans and see if they are in their own best interests, and then take action accordingly. The collaboration of SGA and the administration to bring this address gives both the administration and students powerful tools. Both sides would be wise to utilize these tools well.