Our View: Alternative Break provides student benefits

Board of Opinions

Georgia Southern University’s Alternative Break trips are a great asset to the university, and one that benefits students greatly. The trips are a great way for students to broaden their horizons while benefitting the community in which they are volunteering. Additionally, the trips are a great tool by which to attract students to attend the university.

An alternative break trip is a great way to go experience a new part of the country or even the world without breaking the bank to do so. The cost for study-abroad trips is in the multiple thousands of dollars, while an alternative break trip in a foreign country, because of the duration of the visit, is in the hundreds. A visit to a new place is enough to inspire a lifelong fascination and love for a location that would otherwise remain in the background of a student’s mind.

The university also benefits from the program, especially now that incoming freshmen can go on alternative break trips. This can be a very attractive option for students who are dedicated to giving back to the community, which is a good trait to look for in potential students. As well, the brand of GSU can spread to the places of these alternative break trips in a very positive manner, attracting students from new and unique places.

Alternative break trips are a great boon for the university and its students. The alternative break board and the university deserve credit for providing a useful and beneficial program to the students of this school.