Our View: Support the local eateries

Board of Opinions

Small businesses are a staple of a local economy, and Statesboro is no exception to that rule. The vitality of small businesses, especially restaurants, is often in a state of flux. A popular place to eat last week may not be in vogue the next. Holiday’s Greek and Italian Restaurant, a longtime favorite of the Statesboro community, closed this month due to financial problems. At the same time, a new Mexican restaurant is set to start hiring in the next week in preparation to opening its doors. Eagle Creek Brewery is starting to put out its product after months of anticipation, and a new growler place will help sell that product to the community.

GSU students as a whole are a powerful economic force in the community. If a restaurant becomes popular enough with the students, it is almost guaranteed a success. Even though money can be tight with students, it is important to support the businesses that you want to see maintain a presence in Statesboro.

While it is important to support established and known restaurants, it is equally important for the student body to remember there are plenty of restaurants downtown that are generally ignored by the student body, but provide great quality food. Students should visit a variety of restaurants in Statesboro and choose the best to support. This way, students can find the best deals for the best food and keep the best restaurants in business.