Our View: ZipCar an upgrade

Board of Opinions

Georgia Southern University’s acquisition of the ZipCar service to replace WeCar is a move that provides a better service to help alleviate the transportation issues that plague GSU and Statesboro. Students, for various reasons, including the price, were not fond of WeCar’s service. Students without cars did not have many options besides the charity of their friends when they needed to go get groceries or even wanted to see a new movie in the theatres.

The ZipCar move is the latest in a series of moves designed to improve the transportation issues in Statesboro by both the school and community. In the past year, two new taxi services and an apartment shuttle service came to the community and GSU purchased new buses and implemented new tracking technology for the busses. The impact of these improvements are yet to be fully seen, but should help the multitude of students that do not have cars on campus.

GSU did the right thing in realizing that WeCar was not working after only a year and made the change to a different service that can better suit the student body. Too often, institutions want to stick with what they want to work, rather than what actually works. While ZipCar is not guaranteed to be a roaring success, the fact that it is different from the previous car service offered at the school shows that the parking and transportation is not trying to ditch a great idea, rather alter it to be the best service possible.