Our View: Bush lecture reflects well on university

Board of Opinions

The lecture by Laura Bush that is scheduled for Sept. 17 is a solid move by the university that tackles criticism while bringing in an important and quality lecturer. After bringing in the Carters and Soledad O’Brian in the spring semester, the university was accused of having biased programming that was left-leaning. Bringing in the former first lady is a great way for the university to respond to that criticism in a big way.

This speaker also reflects on Georgia Southern University’s ability to bring in big name lecturers from all spectrums of the political sphere to address the students. It is incredible to think that for the second time in a calendar year, a former occupant of the White House will visit GSU, a school that many have never even heard of. Even more impressive is that the school attracted occupants from both the left and the right.

While not as big of a name as her husband, nor as polarizing of a figure, Laura Bush is a speaker that will definitely bring out the crowd, not just for GSU students, but for the local community as well. Students should take advantage of this opportunity, regardless of political affiliation or beliefs, to hear a prominent speaker share her views on the world. As well, the university should be commended for bringing in such a prominent speaker, while tactfully dealing with criticism at the same time.