Apartment bus could lead to better transportation

Board of Opinions

The university bus system has provided students with a convenient and accessible way to get to campus, but it is hard to cater to the entire body with Georgia Southern University’s limited amount of buses.

Apartment complexes Copper Beech and The Grove at Statesboro have taken initiative and now provide their residents with a shuttle to the GSU campus.  This will not only provide students with an alternative to buying a parking pass, but it will also lessen the number of students who rely on university transportation. This is an important step for an apartment complex, but both the university and apartment complexes should look to expand their routes and give students the opportunity to take a shuttle to Wal-Mart or the downtown Statesboro area.

Some students on campus do not have a car and have to rely on other means to get to off-campus sites.  If the university bus system were to work with the apartment shuttle and the city to provide free transportation off-campus, not only would this lessen the amount of traffic in Statesboro, but it would also give students an affordable way to buy groceries or other necessities. The apartment complex shuttles are a great first step toward catering to the needs of students, and with the help of the university and the city, the public transportation options for students would only improve.