Our View: Forest Drive needs revamp

Board of Opinions

With the biology building set to be open in July, Georgia Southern University has seen much needed improvements to a building that was an obvious eyesore on campus.  The new biology building will allow for the department to implement new teaching styles and a more hands-on approach in both the labs and classrooms.  This building was a necessary step in expanding the biology department, however, the university needs to look at other buildings on campus that are in dire need of improvements or expansion.

The Forest Drive Building was originally planned to be a temporary facility, but after the addition of landscaping and sidewalks, it seems that the building has become more permanent.  The Forest Drive Building is home to history and foreign language departments, the international studies department, and the writing center. Forest Drive is a cramped building that needs to be remodeled in order to cater to the needs of the various majors and departments.

The majority of freshmen have to take core classes in the Forest Drive Building, such as world history and basic foreign language classes, and this building is not one that would impress them and make them excited about their classes at GSU.  In addition, the Forest Drive Building is home to the international studies department, and with its cramped hallways and unattractive exterior, this building again is surely not one that would make international studies students feel at home at GSU.  The university needs to make improvements on the Forest Drive Building in order to make our university the best it can be.