The man behind ‘Swag like Chad’

Amanda Arnold

Before there was ‘Mo Bomba’ blaring throughout Paulson Stadium on big plays, there was ‘Swag like Chad’. 

Fans and players alike recognize the song and while some may not know the story behind the artist, Kado Brown, also known by his artist name KollegeKado, the football player turned rapper has begun to make waves in the music industry.

Brown came to Georgia Southern from Moorpark Community College and Army where he spent two years preparing for the Division I level. He was ranked as the No.7 dual-threat quarterback in the country at the JUCO level and was selected First-Team All Conference.

When he graduated from Moorpark, the California native was ready to live out his dreams of being a high level collegiate quarterback. In the long run, he left his mark as a musical artist more than an athlete, though he made appearances in six games over the course of his junior season on the field. In his last season of eligibility, he went down with an injury and did not see any playing time.

His biggest moment on the field came on the road at UMass where he racked up 148 passing yards and led the team with 71 rushing yards. 


Brown played under former Head Coach Tyson Summers for one season and witnessed the change of culture that came along with the hiring of now Head Coach Chad Lunsford.

Lunsford was all about changing the mindset of the team and encouraged everyone to express themselves on and off the field. Brown took this to heart and, with encouragement from his teammates, started writing a song to celebrate the new soul of GS athletics.

Everyone knew he was a songwriter and wanted him to create a song that they could listen to as a team during practices. He took this idea and ran with it, even though Lunsford was hesitant at first.

“I had the concept for ‘Swag like Chad’ and I told him about it,” he said. “I told him, ‘Trust me people love you and it’s going to be a big thing because people are going to like it’.”

The song took about a week and a half to write and the slogan quickly became popular around Statesboro. After the first time it played in Paulson Stadium on gameday, social media picked up the phrase and subsequently, merchandise was created and sold in local stores. The era of Chad Lunsford had begun and the phenomena of having his face everywhere was at an all time high.

“A month ago, I saw people literally selling pins with the slogan than I created, not even knowing who I am,” he said. “People still send me videos of the song playing in the Stadium and I’m not even there.”

After the song was approved, Brown was told that it was only going to be played for the first game. Now, over a year later, the song is still a home game staple. He remembers hearing the song for the first time and seeing the players turn around to hype up the crowd to the beat.

“Swag like Chad will definitely be a part of Georgia Southern history for at least as long as Coach Lunsford is there,” he said. “That’s dope.”

Brown has always had a passion for music and starting taking things seriously in late 2014 when he began working on his first established project. He initially drew inspiration from 50 Cent but is self taught in his efforts. 

His music has received over a million streams and he is currently scheduled to be a part of an upcoming magazine in early 2020. His first EP Kampus Legend is his favorite body of his own work and he has also opened up for several high-profile artists including Playboi Carti and Rich the Kid.

“That was one of my greatests moments as an artist,” he said. “I had performed a few times before that and was bringing in large crowds especially to that venue in Santa Barbara. The promoter…afforded me the opportunity.”

The song is on a sync license through ESPN until 2020 and since it’s release, he has graduated and moved back to California. As for making another song for Georgia Southern football? He is open to the opportunity because the program will always have a place in his heart.

Amanda Arnold, The George-Anne Sports Editor,