The Godfather: Tripoli and Don Corleone’s fight for best pizza

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  • Photo by: Demario Cullars

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Grace Huseth


Don Corleone’s Pizza and Wings is known for making an offer you can’t refuse with its pizza and hookah specials, but Tripoli Pizza and Shawrma battles for the new family pizza business.

Abdulbaset Shukri, owner of Tripoli Pizza and Shawrma, left Don Corleone’s to start his own business in College Plaza. He challenges the legacy of quality pizzas, wings and sandwiches, but with a different approach, which includes Middle Eastern-style flatbread sandwiches.

Don Corleone’s and the new Tripoli Pizza and Shawrma both serve good pizza but prioritize differing ways of serving it.

Don’s is great for sitting down with a slice while smoking hookah, but Tripoli might be best for pizza on the go.

Tripoli’s menu includes pizzas and Mediterranean sandwiches at a reasonable lunch rate of $6.75 for a medium cheese pizza and $5.95 for a sandwich.

It’s clear whom Tripoli is trying to attract with their carryout pizza special. The large cheese or pepperoni pizza for $5 is competitive with the current cheap-pizza empire, Little Caesar’s.

But what Tripoli does not have is prime location and hookah to bring people together.

Don Corleone’s is directly across from the football stadium, making it the obvious stop after a home football game. It’s tradition for many students to end the night at Don’s with some hookah and appetizers until closing time at 4 a.m.

Tripoli Pizza and Shawrma does not offer the chill vibe of Don’s. At Don’s the lower booths are constantly being re-arranged to make room for more friends to hangout.

Don’s is the only place in Statesboro that shares the social ritual of passing around the tobacco water pipe. Featuring hookah takes Don’s from just another college pizza place to being hangout worthy.

Despite a higher cost, customers can get creative with its custom-made pizzas including The Godfather, an Italian sausage, beef, cheddar cheese pizza and white sauce pizzas, like the philly-steak and Greek pizzas.

Which Don’s you go to depends on what you prioritize when it comes to pizza. Tripoli’s is good for grabbing a quick lunch, but the extra cost at Don Corleone’s results in a relaxed atmosphere and hookah.

Tripoli Pizza and Shawrma:




Don Corleone’s:

Food: ****