Mix it up with your mixed drinks this Spring Break

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Grace Huseth

Spring break has arrived and so have some peachy new drinks in Statesboro’s bar scene.

One of the most popular summer drinks at Millhouse are peach martinis, with peach schnapps as the star ingredient, Jessica Lucas, bartender at Millhouse, said.

The peach-flavored beverage trend adds more variety to the average bar drink. Picking up a bottle of peach schnapps or making peach honey to add to a drink will give endless combinations, Lucas said.

Drinks like these show that bars are trying to keep on top of trends to give their customers a wide range of seasonal specials, Lucas said.

Old standbys like Arnold Palmers can be revitalized with the addition of homemade peach honey. To make a type of peach honey, simply boil a mixture of smashed peaches and sugar until it becomes smooth like honey, Lucas said.

Peach flavors can really be drawn out in white sangrias that are already famous for their combination of peach with white wine, apples and lemon.

“White sangrias are easy to make if you have a mix and would be great with a splash of peach schnapps,” Lucas said.

A drink called “Peach Moon” is rising in popularity at bars and is a combination of Blue Moon and peach schnapps, Lucas said.

Many customers that already enjoy the light flavor of Blue Moon enjoy adding a little peach to liven it up, Lucas said.

Stephanie Owens, owner and manager of Dingus Magee’s, said that serving creative drinks that break the norm is what will really set you apart in a social setting.