Finding spring break tunes to fit the mood

William Peebles

When planning a spring break trip, most people put a lot of focus on the destination, but the journey is important too.

The destination makes a difference in music choice and the ideal music for a beach trip will set the tone for your spring break location.


Q: How do you choose the music to listen to for a long drive? What factors do you take into account?

A: I usually listen to whatever kind of music fits my destination. If I’m going to the mountains, I’ll listen to country or bluegrass. I listen to whatever prepares my mind for where I am going, Ben Ratliff, junior music education and composition major, said.

Q: Using the same old day-to-day music may not match the frame of mind of a spring break trip. Do you listen to the same music everyday? Do you choose a specific genre for a road trip?

A: I listen to mostly anything that’s upbeat and keeps my energy up and alert, especially if I’m driving, Jasmine Hines, junior music education major, said.

Q: If the drive is a long one, there could be danger in choosing music that has slow melodic rhythms that could facilitate falling asleep at the wheel. What role does music play in safe driving? What type of music keeps you alert and focused while driving?

A: You have to be both entertained and able to pay attention to the road while driving. I listen to rap, hip-hop, R&B and pop. Anything that has a great melody and is upbeat is good, Diamond Patton, junior vocal performance major, said.