Perpetual Groove performs one of its final shows

William Peebles

Perpetual Groove’s performance at Statesboro Music Fest on Saturday night was one of the final three shows before the band goes on an indefinite hiatus this April.

The Savannah band has been recording and touring for the past 13 years and are finally winding down their musical career.

“I’ve probably seen this band over twenty times since they got together. I remember seeing them in Savannah and Athens in the early days when they were still young and crazy. Seeing them in one of the last few shows they’ll ever play means a lot. They’re all really nice guys, and they haven’t lost a step since the first time I saw them,” Brent Mathis, Statesboro citizen and avid P-Groove fan, said.

Perpetual Groove opened the concert with “Suburban Speedball” and the band’s eccentric fans migrated toward the stage.

The crowd of more than 300 people surrounded the main stage. The audience was filled with fans of all shapes and sizes. Some wore headbands and danced with light-up hula hoops. One individual even donned a Grateful Dead tie-dye tapestry as a cape to compliment his trusty wizard staff.

Perpetual Groove kept the crowd moving throughout the evening with the fine-tuned musical precision that is expected from a band that have been together so long. The group was well received by the Statesboro crowd. Glow sticks were thrown into the air throughout the concert and most of the audience knew every word to every song.

The band shared a heartfelt goodbye at the end of the concert, thanking the audience for their support over the last 13 years.