Student flock to The Nest to redeem free meal plan

Grace Huseth

Dining plan holders are flocking to The NEST to redeem a bonus meal offered exclusively this week.

Eagle Dining Services has added one additional meal to all students’ dining plans during the week of Feb. 4-10 to be used at The NEST, Administrative Coordinator of Eagle Dining Services, Michael Murphy, said.

“We want to do something special for the students with dining plans to show our appreciation,” Murphy said.

Meal plan holders are instructed to tell the cashier that they will be dining with the “Bonus Meal” when their card is swiped, Murphy said.

There are about 7,000 students with meal plans that dining services wanted to thank for their loyalty, but it postponed the Bonus Meal event until after the first two weeks when many students change their dining plans, Murphy said.

“The bonus meals have brought more students to The NEST, but the dining services team has done a good job managing the flow of traffic,” Murphy said.

The traffic increase at The NEST is also due to the arrival of Burritos Amigos, a new made-to-order burritos and nachos station inside The Nest, Murphy said.

“I don’t usually eat at The NEST, but since many people like eating at the cafeteria, it’s nice that people can just add on,” Carlie Ayn Williams, freshman graphic design and graphic communication management double major, said.

Director of Eagle Dining Jeff Yawn, said, “We appreciate our dining plan holders and others that choose to dine with us. We are excited for the future of Eagle Dining and look forward to the many new ways in which we will serve our customers.”