Symphony Debuts at the PAC

William Peebles

Music filed the Foy building as the Georgia Southern University Symphony held their opening concert.

“The concert was absolutely fabulous, I was almost speechless,” Brooks Keel, GSU president, said after the performance on Tuesday night.

The all-student ensemble had little over a month to prepare the concert. Maestro Adrian Gnam, conductor of the Symphony, expressed his pleasure with his students after the night’s performance.

“They rose to the occasion as well as one could expect on such short notice,” Gnam said.

“I think it [the concert] went well, I enjoyed the repertoire we performed,” Meredith Dowse, Junior Music Education major and flutist for the symphony said.

The program lasted a little over an hour and included works by Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, and Kennan.

Anna Thibeault’s flute solo during Kennan’s Night Soliloquy was especially memorable for senior music education major Michelle Damico.

“A typical great performance,” Damico said.

“Really incredible, more people should come see it,”Liz Iannacone, Junior Early Childhood Education major said.

The final piece performed was Schubert’s 8th Symphony; often referred to as his “Unfinished” Symphony having only two movements as opposed to the typical three. Gnam surprised the audience by playing the only part of the third movement that Schubert composed, lasting about 45 seconds.

Following the unexpected fragment of the piece, Gnam concluded the performance with a laugh when he said, “That’s it.”

After the concert Gnam applauded the PAC’s acoustics, noting that a Symphony’s sound can be hampered by a venue where the sound doesn’t travel well.

This event also marked the first time GSU has live streamed the Symphony’s performance over the internet, providing the opportunity to enjoy the performance from anywhere.