Resolving 2015: New Year, New strategies

Cabrianna Johnson

Welp, it’s that time of the year again where nearly everybody’s made New Year resolution’s that they probably won’t keep. Reaching a big goal such as losing weight and eating healthy is much more attainable by simply starting with a smaller goal.
Here are some tips to help you reach your goals with a realistic bang.
Who wouldn’t want to have their cake and eat it too? You don’t have to drop the brownies and goldfish, in fact you can keep them in your life. (Sounds crazy I know). Everyone has heard of the importance of portion size, and if you have not, then grocery stores are one step ahead of you. 
Snacks like the 100 calorie packs ,are one of many options that are already in little packages for only one serving. Also, different soft drink brands are available in miniature 7.5 – 8 oz cans. This is a great tool to use to restrain on over snacking. When you open your pantry or refrigerator be reminded again why you are eating such a small amount, and challenge yourself to fill the rest of your snack pantry with healthy alternatives; like bananas and protein bars.
For you meat lovers out there, meat is seen as the center of attention at the dinner table(and lunch…and sometimes even breakfast).Try going meatless once a week .The health benefits of decreasing your meat intake include reduction of cancer and diabetes risk. Feel like bumping up the intensity? Increase the meatless days per week and put yourself in vegan shoes. 
Just the mention of working out creates uneasy feelings for most students. The answer is simple; because you feel overwhelmed. Instead of trying to fit 2 hours of intense workouts using machines at the RAC that you barely know, let’s start somewhere simple.
The first part of a resolution and exercising is motivation. Using some kind of organizing tool, I suggest Mason Jars. Start small with every 10 minutes you work out, give yourself a dollar.
Transportation is one of those things that people, especially college students take advantage of too often. Start taking the long ways to classes, you know Chandler Road, pass the Rotunda, everyday. Eventually, see if you can go a whole day without transportation (on & off campus).
Although health is important, something equal or even more equal, is mental health. As the famous Bruno Mars song goes, ‘you are amazing just the way you are.’ Be kind to yourself, you deserve it. Stressing about losing weight for spring break is irrelevant to you having fun with your friends this weekend being focused in the now. Had a rough day at the gym? Just ‘Shake it Off.’