Are Straight brows the “thin” brows of the 20’s?

Put the razor down

Are Straight brows the thin brows of the 20s?

Mckenzie Kerrigan, Reflector, Editor-in-Cheif

We have seen brows feathered, bleached, shaven, and now straight.

What are straight brows?

Straight brows are the newest trend seen in influencers where the tail of your brow, or more specifically the arch is plucked or shaven off to give a more sharp brow. These brows are said to give users a “free brow and facelift” and “open” their features without dragging down their faces.

Things to know before making the shave

  • Similar to the over-plucked trend of the 90s your eyebrow hair may not grow back, or may not be the same.
  • The brow shape may not fit your face or features as you imagined.
  • Trends come and go.

How to execute the look

*Fill in your brows and cover your arch before shaving to make sure this is a look you’re okay with.

  1. Wash all makeup off your brows and face to ensure you’re not overcompensating what you have.
  2. Abandon your arch, this is at the end of your brow. Begin to remove all hair that starts to grow down, rather than up.
  3. We suggest shaving rather than tweezing for quicker and less painful removal. (this will also cause less damage if you decide the look isn’t for you)