Can't Be Scared

Macy Holloway

Opinions, opinions, opinions swirling around your dizzy head in a wave of motion destined to crash right into your skull. There are opinions written to be offensive, stated to be life changing, and even explained to completely confuse. Why? I have no idea. People like to talk about themselves, they like to talk about what their beliefs are. Many in this day and age like to believe their opinion is the cold hard truth so to hell with everyone else’s–I personally don’t understand that point of view but whatever, I’m surrounded by those kinds of humans. In the wide scope of things, when you scrape away all the crap, opinions are important–whether or not you want to share it with all of your facebook friends.
You know those humans I was talking about a second ago? Well I’m a few football fields in personality away from those type of people. Obviously a narcissistic ass isn’t the worst thing someone could be, but it isn’t so great. I do have opinions, rather strong ones, and about five out of all the people I’m “close” to have ever actually had a glimpse at what they were. I tried to write about them the other day, hesitating the whole entire time, and in the end I looked at the final draft and couldn’t get away from what I thought some of my friends or family may think if I were to publish it. I wasn’t completely unhappy with the draft…I said what I wanted to. It just seems like nowadays there is never enough that can be said about the beliefs others have and the acts that are being committed. I feel that way, wholeheartedly. It gets harder everyday to try to put into words how I feel about the current state of things.
But you know why I wrote this? Because everyone can’t just sit back all the time like I do, sit there and listen and not stand up or post a comment or exercise my right to free speech. It’s important to talk about what your beliefs are, in detail. You don’t need to share them on social media or post a personal essay on a community blog, but you should at least talk to yourself, talk to your family or your closest friend. If you never talk about what you believe in or listen to and comprehend what others believe then you’ll never grow. The world adapts constantly and my beliefs have changed drastically since just being in college, but I wouldn’t have even known that if no one ever sat down with me, casually, and had a conversation about our beliefs and feelings about the world. My opinions matter and so do everyone else’s. It just took me about 19 years to figure that out and accept it.
So next time you find yourself in that whirlwind of opinions, breathe, and try to catch one, decide how you feel about it. Feeling close to concrete about my beliefs and knowing that I am at liberty to change them when and if I so chose to is freeing. It gets me one step closer to being content with who I am as a person and to me that’s really the most rewarding (and exciting) part.