Orange Cat Behavior – Is It Real?

An In-Depth Look at My Roommate’s Cat Stitch

Anna Beck, Managing Editor

orange cat behavior

shit only orange cats do because they are literally an insane breed

I’ve grown up around cats my entire life, mostly siamese. I had never interacted with an orange cat until I moved to Statesboro and started living with my roommate Haleigh last year.

I have seen videos on TikTok discussing “Orange Cat Behavior” but had never been around an orange cat before to tell if it was true.

What Does Science Say?

According to Psychology Today:

  • Orange cats are more likely to engage in risky behavior
  • Orange cats are thought to be friendlier and more affectionate than others

Meet Stitch

Stitch is my roommate Haleigh’s cat and he is a firecracker! He is the most social and crazy cat I have ever met. 

Stitch loves food and he loves to steal yours. One of his favorite snacks is popcorn and he will steal it right from your hand.

Some Other Stitch Quirks

  • He knows how to open the air fryer and will definitely steal your food!
  • He licks windows (something about the condensation).
  • If you lock him out of a room, he will scream and slap the door.
  • He’s very sassy.
  • He “love bites” you, which very quickly turns into real biting.


If you have an orange cat, let us know some of their crazy quirks!