People Are Awesome

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By Matthew Balte
“What’s your favorite thing about Statesboro?”
If you’re a freshman or a transfer, like me, then you’ve probably gotten this question a dozen or more times. Whether it be from your friends or your family, everyone wants the scoop on how life at your home away from home is.
For me, the answer, most times, is right in front of me, and all around me. It’s the people.
‘Oh, cool, man. Never heard that answer before, or seen it on EVERY GSU brochure ever.’
There’s more to it though. My favorite part of North Georgia was the people. And to me, the only logical explanation that I have to being able to have the same answer for two very different places is this: people are awesome.
Let’s start at the beginning, the literal beginning. Being a Christian, I believe in an all-powerful, loving, perfect God who created man and woman in His image. Hello, Genesis 1:26-27. That is the start; that we are made in the image of the ultimate being, to be the way He wanted us to be. That is awesome. An even cooler thing is, I see it in people who don’t necessarily believe the same things I do or worship the same God I do.
I’ve seen Atheists, Muslims, Christians, people of all religions of all beliefs, come together and love each other unselfishly. Which brings me to my next point, people are awesome because we are capable of so many emotions and are capable of doing so much with so many emotions. Love, sadness, joy, fear, hope, anger, even confusion. The fact that we are able to feel and use emotions is awesome. Emotions are awesome, and sometimes the world tries to have us dumb them down to nothing, but why do that? Let your day not just be ‘good’ let it be full of love and joy.
Finally, people are awesome because no two are the same. Knowing that I have an incredible group of friends in Dahlonega, who are great people and love me but that I also have an incredible group of friends in Statesboro, who are also great people and who also love me is something that just makes me smile. And it speaks to the power and awesomeness of people. I came to Georgia Southern frightened I wouldn’t know anyone or make many friends. But because of people being awesome, those fears were pushed away the first night I was here when I went out to dinner with about 12 of my now closest Statesboro friends.
We live in a world where a lot more of the bad is shoved into our eyes and ears, and the good gets left out. I’ll be the first to admit that there are a lot of bad things in this world, but the good outweighs that so much, because there are so many awesome people carrying out great things.
Because of people being awesome, being new hasn’t been that bad.
Because of people being awesome, I know I always have a place back in Dahlonega.
Because of people being awesome, I’ve grown in my faith.
Because of people being awesome, I know I have support in everything I do.
What have people being awesome done for you?
Thanks for reading. Be you. Be awesome.
About Matthew:
Academic Year: Junior? It’s complicated but I think that’s what I’ve decided on.
Major: Sports Management
Bio: Hi! My name is Matthew Balte and I just transferred to Georgia Southern this fall from the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega. I’m in my 4th year of school but I’m technically a Junior. (I’ll finish when I finish, ok?) I love Jesus, sports, and a good joke.
I wanted to write about people being awesome because it is something that I’m passionate about, which is such a typical answer I know, but it’s true. People do some awesome things, and I’ve been surrounded by some awesome people my entire life, and I think it’s important for us to see the good in everyone. Hope you enjoy!