Walking Sweetheart Circle With Your Sweetheart

Tayler Critchlow

The season of love has arrived and Georgia Southern University has a tradition for all of its couples that might even beat the standard flowers and chocolate.
Sweetheart Circle is an icon and landmark for all eagle natives and the legend that surrounds it brings an additional romantic benefit. The tradition is to walk three times around the landmark hand in hand with your partner; upon completion it is said that you and your partner are going to get married.
[quote]“I believe it originated from when girls and boys were not allowed to mingle except on Sunday’s and so that tradition got started,” Renah Tyson, Southern Ambassador and junior multimedia film major, said.
For many this is a legend that has been passed down, typically during SOAR session or campus tours led by Southern Ambassadors, as was the case for couple of two years, Aubrey Trevathan and Cory Hall. Or the myth has been passed down from friends and family as is what happened for Taylor and Kyle Yeoman.
After three and a half years of dating, Taylor and Kyle Yeoman, senior child and family development family services major and senior mechanical engineering major, respectively, decided to take the walk of Sweetheart Circle back in Fall 2013.
Currently the couple is married as of this past fall semester.
“We haven’t…Yet!” Trevathan, senior public relations major said. “He’s mentioned it before, and I thought he was joking. But I’d be willing to bet he’ll ask me to do it before graduation.”
Deciding to walk around the circle with your significant other is a decision that people come to at different points in time.
[quote]“I wanted to take that walk since freshman year,” Hall, senior political science major, said. “And I knew I was only going to walk it once. I plan to do it in the near future.”[/quote]

Though while not all True Blue couples need to take the walk, those who have strongly encourage it.
“Sure. Its cute to have hope,” Taylor said.
Taylor paired that statement with saying that although there isn’t a set time frame for dating said partner before walking, be sure to walk it with someone that has the same moral values and that you can see becoming a family with.
Kyle added that he believed an adequate enough time of dating before walking thrice around the circle would be after at least six months of dating.
“Absolutely!” Trevathan said. “When you share a love for your school, you share a love for its traditions. Any True Blue couple who chooses to take the walk is carrying on a lasting tradition, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.”