Is the Fast Food Salad Even Worth It?

Cheryl Nuzum

With our New Year’s Resolutions officially dead and Spring Break too close for comfort, it’s getting harder and harder to convince ourselves not to swing by the drive-thru in yet another midterm study sesh-fueled breakdown. We often compensate by ordering something relatively healthy – chicken wraps, Diet Coke to drink, Zalads anyone? But exactly how much better are we doing by switching to the alternatives? Are we really saving ourselves enough trouble to make it worth it?
We compared our favorite drive-thru salads based on their official nutritional information provided – all with grilled chicken and no dressing. The results may surprise you.

Zaxby’s House Salad With Grilled Chicken and No Dressing

Calories: 570
Grams of Fat: 27.5
Cholesterol: 115mg
Carbs: 36g
Sugar: 7g
Sodium: 1575mg

McDonald’s Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken

Calories: 330
Grams of Fat: 11
Cholesterol: 90mg
Carbs: 26
Sugar: 9g
Sodium: 920 mg

Wendy’s BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad

Calories: 600
Grams of Fat: 30g
Cholesterol: 150mg
Carbs: 44g
Sugar: 27g
Sodium: 1560mg

Burger King Garden Grilled Chicken Salad

Burger King
Calories: 320
Grams of Fat: 14
Cholesterol: 115mg
Carbs: 16g
Sugar: 4g
Sodium: 650mg
I guess that’s a big RIP to my House Zalad with fried chicken and extra dressing.