Mentalist and mind reader Christopher Carter heads to GS

Kelly Strojny

Ever wanted to have your mind read? Well today you might get the chance if you go see Christopher Carter, a popular mentalist an mind reader from Chicago, who will be performing at Georgia Southern tonight.
According to his website, Carter acknowledges that he is not psychic, but is extremely good at observing human behavior.
He began to recognize at the age of eight that people show their thoughts in ways other than just through words. He figured this out while sitting in on a game of poker with his uncle.
According to his website, Carter first became interested in pursuing this career while sitting on a small game of poker led him to his career in mind reading nonverbal communication.
Carter is one of the most popular college campus entertainers and received an award for highest honor in the campus activities industry. He has made appearances on “The Martin Show” and “The Donnie & Marie Show.”
And why, might you ask, did the University Programming Board book Carter? They say that it’s all because of student interests.

“The University Programming Board’s process of booking performers for campus involves collecting information on a number of potential artists, getting feedback from students as to what they would be interested in seeing, and a final review from our executive board. In the case of Christopher Carter, this process was carried out by last year’s (2015-2016) executive board in order for the performance to be ready in time to round out this year’s Weeks of Welcome program,” Brendan Roberts from the  University Programming Board said.

The show only lasts for an hour, so it won’t take too much time out of your day, so if you are a skeptic, check it out. Let him read your mind and see if you believe in his so called talents for yourself.

“I think it would be cool to see if he could actually do it. I feel like there are a bunch of phonies out there, so I would like to go to find out,” Alexis Emery, accounting major at GS said.

It will be an interesting show and tickets are free. The only thing you will need is a GS student ID. It will be in the Russell Union theater room on Tuesday, Aug. 30 from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m.

“I like to go to these types of events for the experience as a one-time thing,” Emery said.

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You can find more information about Christopher Carter and where he is performing at next