Senior Year As Told By Frank Underwood

Rashida Otunba

Senior year is tough. Between classes, work, extracurriculars, and the looming threat of loan repayments and grad school applications, well, there isn’t really much fun to be had, is there? Luckily for you, there is always one person who knows the struggle and still manages to stay on top: Frank Underwood.
While his methods may be questionable (and illegal, immoral and completely unethical), there is still a great deal to be learned from someone who so effortlessly manages to come out on top, even after stooping to the lowest of the low.
So sit back, relax and enjoy as Frank Underwood walks you through some of your senior year woes:

When you start off the year strong, resolving that you’re not here to deal with any of this foolishness

Then you walk into your first last day of classes feeling like a million bucks . . .

 But then you remember that you still have a full year of schoolwork left

When you take a break from work to get lunch, but the freshman don’t realize that there are multiple lines at CFA 

When you find out your major class grade depends on group projects

When you end up having to do all the work on the project. . .

. . .and “accidentally” let it slip to your professor that your group members are lazy and throw them under the bus. . .


. . .then brace yourself to act surprised when their grades are lower than yours.

When you go to your last advisement meeting and your advisor tells you that you need to take more electives than you thought to graduate.

When your friends want to hang out all night, but all you want to do is sleep

When it finally hits you that you actually have to apply for jobs because you are a literal adult now. . .Then check the job descriptions and realize that you are under qualified.

When you start to have a quarter life crisis. . .But remember the number one rule until graduation

But in the end, it’s all worth it because you know you’re going to come out on top.