The Best Dollar Tree Finds

The Best Dollar Tree Finds

Roxie Srikoulabouth

Here in Statesboro, Georgia, money can be tight. That is why I went on a hunt at Dollar Tree to give you a couple of items you can save big on.

Honestly you cannot beat $1 glassware.


Greeting Cards
These are such a steal because they are two for $1. You may not think that cards can be expensive, but I went to the Walmart to compare the prices, and the cheapest cards came to about $1.50 and $2.

Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy tests are pretty pricey ranging from $7 to even $20. These Dollar Tree test kits are accurate and sensitive like any other expensive home kits. It’s 99% accurate and the box recommends you take the test after you are a week late.

From white bread to honey wheat to Hawaiian, the Dollar Tree has it all. Low Carbs, am I right?

Cleaning Supplies
They have brand names from Dawn, Tide and even Clorox for a dollar. Before heading to Walmart, you should check out the Dollar Tree.

Ibuprofen could range from $3 to $7, so this is practically a steal. They have name brand as well as off brand. If you need one for on-the-go, you can get one for your bag and your medicine cabinet.


Baking Sheets/Kitchen Utensils
Honestly, all of my kitchen utensils are from the dollar tree. The cookie sheets are reasonably sized and very durable. I’ve had my utensils and cookie sheet for over two and a half years now.

If you want to meal prep, picking up some plastic Tupperware at the dollar tree is how to do it. Four containers for just one dollar? Sign me up.

Sandwich Baggies
Instead of paying $3 anywhere else, get a 45 count of sandwich bags for all your snack needs.

The Dollar Tree has 6 sponges for a dollar.This could be useful for hand washing dishes, cleaning and arts and crafts.

Fake Plants
Fake flowers at the Dollar Tree are a given; but did you know they also have fake succulents and cacti?

Bath Bombs
The best thing after a long day is a nice hot bath. Even better than that? A bath bomb bath. You get 3 in a pack!

Tips to Being a Dollar Tree Shopper

If you’re looking for more ways to get more bangs for your buck then these are my tips:

Dollar Tree has an ad every single week promoting a “brand” name item. Usually these items are only temporary, but you can score big and spend less when you keep your eye out before you go.

Coupons. Coupons at the Dollar Tree? Yes you’re reading this correctly. No shame in the game to put them to use.

Know when their inventory comes out. Here in Statesboro, the main Dollar Tree’s inventory comes out Thursdays. (wink wink)

You can also shop onlineーwhich means wider selections while hanging out in your PJ’s at home. There is also in store pick up available.

If you don’t have to spend big bucks then why should you? You don’t have to spend a lot to have good products.  I hope that, after seeing all the wonderful things you could snag at the Dollar Tree, you give it a shot.