Food Review: Son’s Döner Kebab

Noelle Walker

Son’s Döner Kebab’s describes itself as an authentic German fast food restaurant. In fact, the Vietnamese family who owns the restaurant lived in Germany for 20 years, according to the restaurant’s menu.

These factors convinced me to give the restaurant’s a try for the first time.

When I walked into the restaurant, I noticed that it had a small but homely environment.

Some tables were nestled around the walls, and there were decorative murals hanging on the walls, adding onto the homely vibe.

However, it was a little cramped, and one could easily feel overcrowded if large groups of people came in at one time.

The menu had a variety of options, including a Döner Kebab, Döner Kebab box, Döner, a variety of Döner Kebab plates and a Döner Kebab vegetarian plate. It was set up similar to Moe’s menu, so I could pick what I wanted on my food.  

I ended up ordering the Döner Kebab Pita with chicken and the garlic yoghurt sauce that the workers suggested. My food was cooked and bagged to-go in under five minutes.

While I thought the pita had too much of an onion-y taste, I may be biased, because I am not a huge fan of onions.

The garlic yoghurt sauce was definitely the right choice, though, because it added the needed extra flavor to the Döner Kebab Pita.

All together, the Döner Kebab Pita was pretty tasty and very filling. It cost $6.99, which is not bad for what I received. I rate the overall experience at three out of five stars.

Son’s Döner Kebab is located at 17 College Plz. in the College Plaza strip mall.