The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

Day in the life with volley ball player Landon Jones

Landon Jones, a junior exercise science major, is the L/DS for Georgia Southern women’s volleyball team. Jones wants to become a physician’s assistant later. 

“I can’t do nursing with volleyball because of clinicals and everything,” said Jones. “So I figured the next best thing would be just majoring in exercise science and then apply for PA school after.”

Jones is from Savannah and is grateful to still be close to her family while going to college since she has a lot of family close by. She loves to be at the beach or by the pool, and, she enjoys being outside in the sun. 

Photo by Ashton Christianson

Game day routine  

Depending on the time of the game that day, Jones may wake up early, but that doesn’t change her morning routine. 

“Definitely, I have to have my coffee and a good breakfast,” said Jones.

Her breakfast meal tends to be eggs, bacon and maybe some fruit along with her dose of caffeine. While getting dressed in her shorts and t-shirt before heading to the locker room, she plays her Christian music playlist. 

With Jones’s mellow personality, she likes to lay low on game days.

“I like to get to the locker room pretty early and just get my head right,” said Jones.  “Of course getting closer to game time, everyone starts getting there, and everyone is excited.”

Even with her mellow personality, she isn’t afraid to let her competitive side show especially on game days by doing an extra few reps before games to help set herself apart from her teammates. 

While in the locker room, she tends to play on her phone, talk with teammates or just listen to rap music t.

“I don’t like to think about the game too much until it gets closer to game time because then you get nerves and anxiety and all that,” said Jones.  “Usually, I don’t get too wrapped up in my nerves. I kind of use them. It gives me adrenaline, and I really like that, and I think I thrive off of that.”

Jones is superstitious about her passing and knee pads.

“This is kind of gross, but I like to wear my same passing pads,” said Jones. “I wash them, of course, but I like to stick with this one pair. Same with the knee pads And I’m notcrazy about it or anything. If they are dirty, then I’ll wear a different pair.”

One thing Jones loves on game days is the atmosphere with everyone’s excitement. To keep this pumped-up feeling going straight onto the courts, the team has their own routine they follow. 

Right before hitting the courts, the team gathers around to pray. Then they clap it out together, which starts off with everyone clapping slowly before progressively getting faster. The team then   chants “Georgia,” then following that they will chant “Southern.” After saying that chant twice, they move on to chant “whose house,” then “our house” before ending with “GATA on three, GATA on me.”

One thing Jones has enjoyed most about being on the team are the friendships she’s made along the way.

Jones and her teammates keep each other laughing and  in good spirits while they play.

“It’s cheesy, but we are a family,” said Jones. “Coaches. Teammates. Everyone is a family,  and you can feel it.”

Jones cares greatly for all her teammates and coaches. 

“This is going to be a really exciting year for us,” said Jones. “We got a new coaching staff and just a new culture with Georgia Southern volleyball. We are super, super excited about it.”

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