The lost dating technique that you need to know about Master Dating


Matt Sowell

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The lost dating technique that you need to know about
Master Dating, the unsung way of life making a comeback.

By: Matt Sowell

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s clearer than ever that you’re single. Red roses and tacky boxes of chocolate decorate the shelves at Walmart; it’s sickening.

There’s a way of life that will save you the heartache of eating ice cream alone on your floor while crying silently to Adele’s latest album on vinyl. It’s a technique as old as love itself, a habit that you can get into with just a few easy steps.

Master Dating, named because it is the master of all dating types, is a way of life that increases happiness. It’s all the fun of a relationship without the struggle of dealing with a moody bae.

To Master Date, get yourself in a romantic mood by wearing your favorite outfit. Make yourself a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Take yourself on a walk and drive yourself to a bar.

Get a drink, buy your favorite and make yourself warm and fuzzy. Eat at the restaurant, get your favorite entrée. Don’t get your phone out. Texting while Master Dating is a bad idea. Snap chat mishaps and regrettable texts are almost promised when a phone is used while Master Dating.
After your meal, take yourself to a movie, maybe an adult comedy or drama. Adult films go hand-in-hand with Master Dating.

If you’re not too exhausted, take yourself to get a nice dessert after the film. Master Dating can be tiring, so be sure and pace yourself.

It has been said that Master Dating can be addictive. If you find yourself Master Dating rather than having actual human contact, try and lighten up. A healthy Master Dater only Master Dates three or four times a week, excess could be a sign of a problem.

Remember, Master Date with care, but always be open for that special someone who makes a Master Date a full blown hanky panky of fun!


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