Graduation “To Do” List: Part 1

Graduation “To Do” List: Part 1

Matt Sowell

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Graduation “To Do” List: Part 1

Weeks: 7
Days: 59
Hours: 1,416

27) Go to the RAC one more time.
You don’t necessarily realize that this is your last trip to the RAC, but sadly it will be. Let’s be real, you were planning to go to the RAC every other day on New Year’s Eve. In fact, you told your roommate that “this is my year!” and “things are really going to change for me, I’m going to be so fit by Spring Break!”

Welp, it’s the week before and the copious amounts of procrastination booze has definitely added a pudge. This last workout is in vain. Take in the smell of sweat and the impressive facility one more time. You won’t even realize this was your last time there until two weeks after graduation.

26) Pack for Spring Break.
Speaking of procrastination booze, you forgot that you literally leave for your super cool vacation (which is secretly just your parents’ house, but your friends don’t know that) in two days. Throw in five outfits to show everyone that you’ve got your life together and that you are unafraid of the dark void that’s going to hit you in seven weeks.

25) Panic, but only for a second.
Seven weeks? That’s all? That’s like two months. When did it get so close? You don’t even have concrete plans yet. Sure, you’ve got an idea of what you’re doing but that doesn’t make it any easier. The days of mid-day naps and late night parties is coming to a rapid end.

But then you remember this is Georgia Southern, and nothing happens as fast as it’s supposed to. You decide to sit back and enjoy the ride, these are the good times that you’ll look back on in a few years. This is the beginning of the end, and you’re prepared to soak up every minute of it.

Please remember to drink responsibly.

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