GS Athletics announce budget for 2019-2020 year

Charles Paggett

Georgia Southern Athletics prepare to build upon the five year strategic plan to enhance the school’s profile regionally and nationally with the release of its 2019-2020 budget.

The revenue anticipated for the school year totals $24,253,913 including approximately $10 million coming from student fees and nearly $2 million in ticket sales, both of which would be record highs for GS according to figures reported by USA Today.

Expenses for the year include $6.1 million in scholarship funds, approximately $5.5 million in salary pay and nearly $2 million in team travel.

“Our revenues from ticketing, sponsorships and fundraising have risen each of the past several years and that helps us to operate in the black,” Athletic Director Tom Kleinlein said in a letter. “Our new President, Dr. Kyle Marrero, has been great to work with his first two months and is really invested in athletics. I look forward to a great partnership as we advance Georgia Southern Athletics together.”

Revenue generation is one of four strategic areas of the five year Let’s Fly” plan started under Kleinlein in 2018.

Although the budget has seen a decline in revenue from the $30 million achieved in 2016, GS Athletics has maintained a surplus each reported year between 2014-2017 and looks to continue the trend heading into Fall 2019.

Charles Paggett, The George Anne Sports Reporter,