We asked, you responded: USG face covering mandate


Abby Fuller, Daily Managing Editor

STATESBORO — The George-Anne shared a survey with students, faculty and staff on Monday, July 6, asking for their thoughts on the USG decision to require face coverings to be worn on campus.

Since then, we have received nearly 800 responses. This article includes many of those comments. All quotes listed below have been copied directly from the response forms.

Faculty Comments

“I believe it should be an option, if people are comfortable wearing them then they will, if not they wont. As a person with asthmatic bronchitis I do not believe requiring a mask is unnecessary and makes it extremely hard to breathe.”

“This is a free country! Requiring someone to cover their face is completely unconstitutional. The main stream media has terrified people to the point of stupidity. Less than .5 percent of the Bulloch County population has tested positive. This is beyond ridiculous. Just wait: enrollment will drop!”

“I think being on campus in the Fall is reckless and ludicrous to begin with! There wouldn’t be a need for a mask on anyone’s face if we didn’t have to be on campus in the first place!”

“It’s painless, inexpensive, simple and it might save lives. What is there to lose by wearing one?”

“This is a simple and straightforward activity that has been shown to reduce the spread of the virus. It is going to be difficult to pull students back on campus, in the dorms, in the classrooms, and remain constantly vigilant with social distancing and disinfecting. Face Coverings will make a huge difference, but they only work if the entire community follows protocol.”

“It can be changed later (if things calm) but it is to protect each other (and its not like those who need it can “skip” class for their health because another student doesn’t want to)”

“Driving a car is a risk. So, we are required by law to take precautions to reduce the risks of serious injury to ourselves or others by wearing a seat belt and by following the rules of the road. Going to campus during the COVID-19 situation is also a risk. So we should be required to take precautions to reduce the risks of contracting or spreading a potentially deadly disease by wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and washing our hands often. Let’s all do our part to keep one another safe as we pursue the benefits of a Georgia Southern education!”

“Still not an ultimate solution, but a step in the right direction!”

“Enough is enough. It is time for everyone to wear a mask, maintain social distance, sacrifice a little convenience to protect ourselves and others!”

“Masks are the most effective and common sensical thing each of us can do to prevent GSU from becoming a viral center. Having a fully active campus this Fall will require everyone to take these precautions seriously. It is a matter of public health, nothing more. It is not a conspiracy or a political tactic, it is about our community well being.”

“Some offices do not have a complete wall separating offices in small suites. In these cases, I’m unsure if the size of small suites are a suitable size to effectively practice social distancing.”

“Took USG long enough to make this decision! Sheesh!”

“It is more than a good idea. It is essential for the health of everyone.”

“The highest infection rate in GA is in 18-29 age. The local hospital is closed to visitors and over capacity. No one is discussing if the local public health department, hospital, and GSU are collaborating to keep 20K more individuals safe next month. Why?”

“Prevention is more cost-effective.”

“I applaud any decision to follow the science and to protect our community!”

“Science leads. The science is clear.”

“If we are going to be on campus, this is the least we can do to protect each other. Wearing a mask protects others, but it doesn’t work unless everyone you come into contact does it.”

“There are so many people getting COVID 19. This is not something to play with. You have to wear a seat belt in your car. You have to wear shoes when you go to the store. You have to clothes when you leave your home. There are some things you just have to do. Make this another one of them. Stay safe and healthy. I want to live. How about you?”

“I believe as an institution we should have more discussion on physical distancing, how it is different than social distancing. I think we need to think of the importance of socializing is to our mental well being and ways we can be physically distant but socially engaged with each other.”

“Only science denier would think it is okay NOT to wear a mask”

“Face coverings are an obvious necessity, based on scientific reports.”

“Not making masks mandatory was nothing short of criminal!”

“It demonstrates concern for others and the ability of ourselves to do the right thing.”

“I believe that Georgia Southern should follow CDC guidelines, so I am happy with this directive, as it follows CDC guidelines.”

“If people are serious about wearing masks, then I think that we will be less likely to move all-online again. More masks can help us avoid bigger disruptions to campus life”

“This is the right thing to do in order to protect both our students and our faculty/staff given the current situation in the state and particularly in Bulloch County.”

“The USG should make remote instruction the default setting for courses to reduce the number of people on campus to the greatest extent possible. This is the best way to protect the community.”

“This is not a political issue; this is about healthcare. Science showed us that wearing seat belts could save lives, so now we all wear seat belts. Wearing a seat belt protects me. Science has shown us the wearing mask can help slow the spread of coronavirus. Wearing a mask protects me and others around me.”

“Because the primary benefit is to protect others when we can’t tell if we are sick and contagious, we need the rule. To those who are concerned about personal freedom: we have hundreds of public health and safety regulations that we must follow for the protection of others. This one is no different. Google “externalities.””

“Everyone should protect others by wearing a mask and this way they in return will be protected as well! We have to avoid being selfish and look for the best interest of everyone, and we will also benefit in return.”

“Public health is not political. Scientific facts are not political. Wearing a mask to protect others, who wear masks to protect you, is just part of being a good citizen and part of a community.”

“At minimum the university needs to follow the guidance provided by national EVIDENCE BASED organizations. COVID-19 isn’t the flu and it never was. This isn’t the time for sticking our hands in our pockets and shrugging.”

“We need to protect each other. This is a good idea.”

“A small sacrifice for potentially saving a life”

Staff Comments

“Wearing face coverings while trying to work in heat that can reach an index over 100 degrees can be suffocating. It makes it hard to breathe. Also there are people who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as Asthma and other complications, the masks will make it even harder for them to breathe.”

“Health reasons should not have to be disclosed to get a waiver. People’s rights are being taken by forcing this action. It should be and should have remained optional.”

“It should be encouraged but not required. People have the right to decide their own health care. Simply, the facts show that cloth masks aren’t doing much of anything except give some a moral complex.”

“I hear that It’s good, then I hear It’s not. I have Stage 3 COPD and when I put one on I have a lot harder time breathing. I use an oxygen concentrator pretty much 24 hours a day, Dr. recommended and when I try to wear a mask my level drops and there isn’t room for everything to fit on my ears. I also wear glasses which contributes more to everything.”

“Suck it up and wear a mask so we can beat this thing.”

“Classes should be online, with faculty and staff working remotely for the semester at least. It’s too dangerous and the university cannot restrict student activities outside of the classroom.”

“This is a virus and should not be taken lightly. Wear a mask for everyone’s safety.”

“Until a vaccine is available and widely distributed, we have only three things at our disposal lessen the likelihood of person to person transmission of covid: 1) social/physical distancing; 2) frequent hand hygiene and cleaning/disinfection; 3) use of facial coverings to provide source control. For #3 to be effective, a large portion of population has to commit to use of facial coverings and has to use them consistently. A requirement by USG for facial coverings in buildings on our campuses will likely improve uptake of facial covering usage by faculty, staff, and students, and we will hopefully see widespread use by a large portion of the campus population.”

“I am an essential employee here. We need folks to be conscious of wearing a facemask to not spread respiratory particles to others and spread COVID. I thought this was common sense, but apparently that’s not the case here in Southeast GA. My wife and I are the ones looked at weird in town when we wear facemasks, not the other way around!”

“Great decision! This will definitely help those working, teaching, and studying on campus stay safer. But, I think we need to do more. I would also ask that USG and Georgia Southern give all faculty the choice to teach remotely. And, staff who can carry out their duties remotely should be able to do so by their choice. We shouldn’t have to compromise our health and safety by being on campus when remote instruction and work can accomplish the same result.”

“I don’t think its a good idea to open the university in August”

“I think it’s a great idea. Personally, I didn’t think it was fair for us to have to see students without requiring them to wear masks. I think that’s my people do not have symptoms and this will help keep everybody more safe!”

“It’s the best method to slow down the spread of COVID-19 I believe”

“With 20,000 + Students returning to campus, I think it is a good idea for everyone to wear face masks.”

“Requiring face coverings is something a lot of universities in other states are doing and is a necessary step to help protect our students, staff and faculty along with the community members who reside in our towns.”

“Masks are proven effective tools for limiting the spread of COVID-19. It should not have taken so long to make this decision if these decisions were actually based on scientific data.”

“I’m considered in the “Essential personnel” category of staff. I’m required to be working 40 hours a week at this time. I’m in no way complaining about that but, I would prefer to work in a safer work environment if I am required to work. Georgia Southern is doing a good job at keeping its populace safe right now and requiring masks is the next logical decision towards safety.”

“It is the right thing to do for protecting the Georgia Southern and Statesboro community at large.”

“If you only encourage it, people won’t wear their facemasks. Requiring it helps protect everyone.”

“Since science shows that the virus is more likely to be spread indoors than out, we’ve got to find a way to filter the air in classrooms and buildings with either no windows at all or windows that do not open.”

“I think it makes our campus safer, especially with so many people coming into contact with each other between classes in the hallways or meeting with people in smaller offices.”

“I feel that the safety of everyone is important and since you can have COVID-19 and show nor experience any symptoms someone could easily think they are well and already be infected with the virus. Also, someone could be symptomatic but think that it is something else so they take no precautions and spread the virus unknowingly. So it is better to be safe now than sorry later.”

“Face coverings are the best way to protect each other until there is a vaccine.”

“Simply put, it is a preventive measure for everyone. Wearing face coverings will help prevent the spread of infection and it will also help prevent individuals from contracting any airborne diseases.”

“It is paramount that we , as a University, set a precedent in our community as to what actions to take to ensure a safe environment.”

“There is nothing wrong with safety. The university has a large population, any given day we can come in contact with 10 people or 50 people. A mask can help to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. Face coverings inside campus facilities is a good idea.”

“I’m concerned that many members of the community are not taking the risk of spreading the virus seriously. It will be challenging to be in locations on campus where people who have engaged in “risky” behavior will be in close and extended contact with those who need to be protected, but are forced by circumstance to report in person for class or work. The state and USG are pushing us to return to “normal” too quickly. Masks, hand washing, and social distancing will mean little when faced with people who are careless and/or actively reckless.”

“Took ‘em long enough to prioritize science over politics.”

“Absolutely. If we are on campus at all. With the first wave seeing a resurgence in the south, we are going to be devastated in the fall if people do not abide by the face covering mandate.”

“Any measures that need to be taken to help ensure eveyones safety, I think it should be enforced.”

Student Comments

“The only way we are going to get through this is if we go back to college like normal.”

“There are studies showing that masks help and some saying they can make the situation worse. I won’t wear one until there is definitive proof that they won’t make things worse for me or my family.”

“No, because it’s hard for some people to breathe in mask. School should be closed until further notice so no one is at risk.”

“It shouldn’t be mandatory. If people want to wear them let them. They are protecting themselves and others. If people don’t wear them, then that’s their choice.”

“Students come from all over the country and world to attend GSU. It is to easy for Covid to spread this way. Especially in dorm buildings and at events. Also its almost impossible to social distance every classroom. Especially lecture halls.”

“If we are forced to wear masks why not just make classes online? If the threat is that high why would you put thousands of people at risk?”

“We use computers in classes, that’ll spread covid quicker than masks will.”

“The death rate for individuals between 18-22 (college age) is well below 1%. This is just living in fear. Ridiculous”

“It will be practically impossible to enforce these rules. What will the consequences be? Face masks should be recommended but not a requirement. Each individual is responsible for their own health and safety. It should not be up to the school or the state to tell me what I can and can’t do and what I can and can’t wear. This is absurd.”

“I am paying to attend a university. I shouldn’t be required to wear a face covering if I don’t want to. Also, most of the university population is young, healthy, at low risk, and asymptomatic. We should allow such populations to carry on life as usual and build herd immunity. For anyone who does not feel safe or comfortable doing so they can take online classes or take the semester off.”

“It is hard to talk and understand others when wearing masks which will make teaching and learning hard.”

“We are all adults on this campus; therefore, we should all be able to make the conscious decision if we feel more comfortable wearing a mask or not. That is why I do not think a requirement should be made for masks, but more of a recommendation.”

“Online classes should be an option. I’m worried about returning to campus”

“I think there are many students who can’t wear face masks or feel uncomfortable using masks. i think it should be optional for those who need it or care for it and those who don’t want to do nor have to”

“Studies have proven that masks and air transmitted coronavirus is not as big of a worry as a shared space of touched objects. How does GSU and other schools plan on battling this issue with so many students on campus daily?”

“Face coverings will reduce the successful level of interaction between students and professors. I can not understand the sales clerk at the grocery store when they are wearing a mask, let alone my professor. I think that wearing face coverings should be optional. If you want to, that is your right. But those of us that do not want to should have that right as well.”

“Facial covering will make it harder to understand professors when they lecture”

“Gives you a headache after prolonged use, and wrapping cloth around your face doesn’t stop a virus. Read the back of the box they come in.”

“I cannot wear a mask when it’s 98 degrees outside. I cannot learn while wearing something that is taking my mind away from everything I am doing. Mask should be optional. If I am not showing symptoms for a disease then why should I suffer from seems to me to be a common thing of everyday living. Mask are not even proven to 100% prevent the intake of the pathogen so why am I going to suffer because the parents and “stakeholders” (not the ones taking the classes or having to walk on campus in the weather) say we have to?”

“We will still be exposed to the virus outside of campus and you can’t monitor every single person wether or not they have a fever or feel ill. Also, some people have medical conditions making it so they can’t wear a mask.”

“Using a face mask does more harm to us than good, that notion is sufficiently backed by science. The carbon dioxide going to our brain is going to cause more issues for our bodies than getting a virus that, to the masses, makes you sick for a few days and it’s over with.”

“With the cases rising, I don’t think that starting school in class is a good idea. If they’re going to require people to wear a face mask in school, they should give an option to pick if people want to do school in class or online. Wearing a mask can interfere with learning, especially if you are in a massive lecture hall. It’s already hard enough to understand someone who is two feet

from you.”

“Good idea but who’s gonna pay for proper masks? I assume if its made mandatory by the States University system, we as students and even the faculty would expect to have the proper masks issued out to us by the school/ University System of Georgia at no cost.”

“Requiring face masks in buildings on campus isn’t going to do anything when hardly anybody is going to wear one off campus. COVID isn’t going to spread in classrooms or landy, it’s going to spread in bars and fraternity/sorority houses.”

“I think there are ways that we can social distance rather than have to wear face masks. Also, I do not think wearing face masks while outside is necessary. However, if a student or faculty member is considered high-risk, then I would encourage them to wear a face mask.”

“Wearing a face mask for me for long periods of time only causes an inconvenience. I wear glasses and it fogs them up. I also hate how hot my face gets while wearing a mask. I understand its precaution for protecting students around us but I feel like it should be a choice whether we want to wear a mask to class or not.”

“I think it’s very unhealthy to breathe in the same air in a mask everyday all day, for faculty & staff. I think there are other options for us to be able to go back on campus.”

“Not that wearing a mask bothers me, but I feel maybe we don’t need to go back if conditions require face coverings.”

“That’s not going to stop the spread it only takes one person to not wear it and then it spreads!”

“I understand the point of wearing the face masks, but I think it’s gonna be very hard to enforce it on thousands of college-aged kids. I’d say that wearing one is encouraged.”

“I am in between on this idea. I agree it keeps people safe but it’s really hard to breathe and it gets very hot very quickly. I think wearing one should depend on the size of the environment of the group and or class.”

“It will become a distraction for me and I can’t understand most of the professors when they teach, even without a mask.”

“I think we should have to wear them all the time or just switch back to online classes again. Our state has such a high rise in cases recently that I honestly think completely online classes would be an even better solution.”

“I think classes in person should be optional so that students who feel they are at high risk will not be punished not wanting to go to in-person classes. That being said, I am very low risk, want in-person classes, and do not care about masks being required. I do not mind wearing one but I would much rather not because I am not concerned about getting sick. Thank you for keeping students updated and for taking everyone’s safety into consideration.”

“I don’t think we should go back at all. It’s too dangerous. There should be other options for resuming classes.”

“I hope this is enforced thoroughly throughout the campuses.”

“My father has lung cancer and requiring masks would help me feel safer on campus. I wouldn’t worry about tranfering it to him.”

“I think this is a great idea and people should be happy about it because the more we follow the health guidelines the more we have a chance of getting back to normal.”

“We honestly should not be in this situation, but it is what it is. Don’t be selfish and wear your mask.”

“This is good considering the emergence of a second wave of the virus and the unknown medical history of students and their families that attend universities in the USG.”

“I think masks should be worn, and students, faculty, and staff should be educated on how to properly wear the mask.”

“I hope there is some sort of penalty for not wearing one unless you have a pre-existing illness that prevents you from wearing one.”

“I think you should not go back until New Year’s”

“Anything is better than nothing. Anyone who fights to not wear a mask in public just because “it violates their rights” opposed to the chance of them and others getting sick is stupid in my opinion. Just wear the mask so we can all try to get past this already!!! Plus it’ll make us all look cute depend on the designs!”

“Making it mandatory to wear masks while on campus will lower the risk rates. It’s honestly the best idea they’ve had all year”

“I think we should also require face coverings outside while on campus grounds. Not requiring them may result in students taking them on and off while walking to class, which has the potential to spread COVID-19. I would rather the USG and GSU be too strict on the face coverings rule then to have another semester switch online halfway through again.”

“I think masks and face coverings are a good idea , but this is a double edged sword. We probably shouldn’t be going back on campus but so many people are struggling trying to take online classes. It appears at least to me like a lose- lose situation.”

“Great idea for the first and only week of next semester! Can’t wait to take the rest online.”

“PLEASE make sure this is enforced. I don’t want to go online again but I also don’t feel comfortable being on campus with people who are going out to bars and parties during a pandemic.”

“Masks NEED to be required. Going back to school is an outbreak waiting to happen. We should take every precaution possible.”

“I believe wearing a face mask is the responsible thing to do. Not only is it protecting you from others, it’s also protecting others from you. If you choose not to wear one just because you feel like it’s your “choice”, I honestly believe you are selfish. This is a time where we all need to care for one another. This isn’t just about you.”

“Students who aren’t wearing face mask should be held accountable. It should be seen as a health risk and taken seriously, especially since there could be high-risk students on campus who are more susceptible to catching COVID-19. Georgia Southern’s top priority, both Fall and Spring, should be student, faculty, and staff safety during this pandemic.”

“Wearing a mask is obviously annoying and uncomfortable, but if wearing one means that we are able to have in person classes rather than move online then I will wear my mask happily. Wearing a mask is giving us a chance at a real semester and preventing possible outbreaks.”

“I personally think it’s a stupid idea to open back up in the fall given the rising cases.”

“This shouldn’t be extremely surprising, but unfortunately even a pandemic has become a “political opinion.” COVID-19 exists, it’s an issue, and there shouldn’t be any arguing over rules made to keep everyone safe and healthy.”

“I think the fact that it took pushback from stakeholders in order to do this is ridiculous. The safety of the students, faculty, and staff should be the highest priority, and it is extremely unfortunate that the USG does not seem to agree until it affects their bottom line.”

“We should all take the necessary precautions to ensure that an education without fear of contracting a virus can occur. While some might argue that this is an infringement on personal freedoms, I see this as a way to ensure that I can get my education without contacting and possibly spreading the virus to people like my little sister, who suffers from an immune deficiency.”

“A little inconvenience on my part means nothing if I can keep another person from getting sick and spreading this sickness to others who are more vulnerable to it.”

“Temperature checks should also be encouraged”

“If we are going to be on campus we need to still take the virus seriously, especially when students are coming back to Statesboro from hotspot areas. Even Statesboro itself is a rural hotspot.”

“I personally feel like they should supply students with more than 2 mask. The mask will have to be washed. We will need more than 2 mask.”

“They should have done this in the first place. Frankly, it’s so stupid that people aren’t taking this seriously.”

“wearing a mask contributes towards communal welfare. I have asthma and I will still voluntarily wear a mask because I understand the importance of it and i care deeply for others. anybody refusing to wear a mask is selfish and self centered. studies have proven wearing a mask does not interfere with breathing. grow up and wear a mask”

“Yes, we’ll be sweatier than usual, but slight discomfort is a small price to pay to keep vulnerable students and staff safe and to make them feel valued.”

“It’s about time USG and GSU caught on because I’ve seen other schools making this a requirement. Anybody not willing to wear a mask inside the classroom should not be allowed in. It’s funny cause the same people crying about virtual learning will be the same ones not wanting to wear a mask. I can’t front like I don’t complain about online classes but you will never see me on camp without a mask!”

“Covid case numbers in Florida (where I am right now) are way higher than they where before the stay at home orders. The outbreak in the U.S is getting worse not better and I am very concerned about my own safety as well as others when on campus classes resume.”

“I can’t see how it would be a bad idea. Requiring face coverings will surely decrease the rate of the spread of the virus. I couldn’t care less about the opinions of the students who oppose this requirement; they put up a lame excuse that they have the right to not wear a mask. Refusing to wear a mask is a selfish act.”

“It is the responsible thing to do to protect the GSU community.”

“I don’t think it’s safe for us to return to campus in the fall. Our COVID numbers are rising each day. I personally cannot expose my mother and brother because they are immune suppressed. If I have to make a choice between in person classes or seeing my family, I will choose my family.”

“Having a mask will help lower the spread of any germs and potentially the virus. I know a lot of people aren’t going to like wearing a mask being it’s uncomfortable and we aren’t used to it. However, the virus is real and I would much rather be uncomfortable for a few hours during than be hooked up on a ventilator in the hospital.”

“You need to be straightforward about whether you plan to cancel school or hunker down through this epidemic. Apartment leases are expensive investments that will be wasted if you close. This virus will get ugly, and we know it, so we need to know your intent in the beginning, especially with you having closed half your campus housing, forcing most students to nearby apartments. It will be difficult to get our money back from landlords because of a sudden change of heart on your behalf, which is a risk many can’t afford to or won’t take.”

“Masks should be required until we are 100% in the clear and the cases are falling in numbers every day or until there are 0 new reported cases for a week. It is not about being fashionable, it is about being safe and keeping others safe as well. Even if you are (or think you are) healthy, doesn’t mean that you could be carrying the virus and come in contact with someone who cannot physically protect themselves from the virus (i.e. children, babies, older at risk citizens, and immunocompromised citizens)”

“This is for our mutual protection. If we are going to continue live classes in the fall, it only makes sense to carry on with the proper precautions.”

“Recent discoveries by WHO have discovered that the virus is airborne and if more people wear masks, we can reduce the number of cases and deaths. C’mon it’s really a no brainer.”

“If we are required to wear face masks because the spread of the virus is increasing or has not decreased then we probably should take online classes in the fall.”

“This was a smart move from USG because college students do not know how to collectively take care of themselves let alone the whole country. We value individualism and that is killing us in the long run.”

“If they’re going to throw us in hotbeds of viral infection, the least they could do is mandate a piece of cloth that has been proven to reduce transmission.”

“If universities and colleges require face masks, it seems it is not as safe to go back. Regardless, each individual would need to be at least 6 feet apart and with up to 40 students in each lecture that seems impossible. Another thing is sanitation would not be done after each class, those who drink water, coffee, eat or whatever during class is risking exposure to everyone who enters that room. I understand it being a difficult decision, however, if these state guidelines are not followed you’re risking everyone’s life.”

“Students should not be going back into classrooms this Fall. Regardless, face masks need to be used when around groups of people or when inside buildings.”

“Wearing a mask for a few hours a day is nothing compared to being responsible for someone else’s death or my own for that matter.”

“We should require face coverings only if we have in-person classes while also following social distancing protocol. However, if there is a way to stay online, that would be ideal for the health of each person. Also, I believe if the university stays online, (or partially) then it would be fair that tuition be revised to reflect the actual services utilized by the student body. Thank you.”

“It should be optional. some people have breathing problems, and the masks makes it harder for you to breathe through.”

“As much as I do not like the face masks, I think it is a good idea to require them for students who do not have medical issues. When the pandemic starts to fade into the background, and if we were to find out then that they do not work, at least we can say we were a part of a community that tried to do better by putting others before ourselves. What have we got to lose?”

“I believe that this should be enforced strictly. There should be as little risk as possible in spreading the coronavirus.”

“I would feel more safe if wearing masks on campus was enforced. When people wear masks, it is not only helping themselves, but also helping others and that is something that I hope people will understand and take into consideration.”

“Face masks should be 100% required on all campuses for the safety of yourself and others around you. I believe it is selfish and careless not to wear a mask especially around others.

protecting each other on campus should be our #1 priority as a community”

“I honestly don’t feel like its safe to go back. There are some students I know like me that are considered immunocompromised and having to go back full time without any other options except to take a semester off is scary and stressful. Some people aren’t even taking it seriously to begin with.”

“I believe that it should be mandatory to wear masks not only inside of campus facilities but outside anywhere on campus as well. Once classes are let out there will be many people passing by each other in all directions.”

“The only way to reduce the risk of transmission in public settings is to wear face coverings and maintain distancing.”

“I’m more willing to return to campus next month with this requirement in place.”

“Truthfully if the spread of COVID is this serious I don’t think we should resume in person classes. It is going to be nearly impossible to enforce this.”

“I believe that requiring face coverings is a good idea because the University should always do everything it can to be PROactive instead of REactive when it comes to protecting the University population, especially amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. Providing and requiring face coverings is a necessary preventative measure, and, if properly and consistently enforced, it will ensure that the price of our education (which already costs students, faculty, and staff a great deal of time and money) doesn’t cost us our lives and safety as well.”

“I believe that students should be given the option of doing online or on campus schooling. We should not be required to have to go to campus if we do not feel safe to do so because if COVID. Also, the face masks are very hot and uncomfortable when it comes to breathing which will be hard for students who have classes on campus all day long.”

Abby Fuller, Daily Managing Editor, af05536@georgiasouthern.edu