The Blue Room to temporarily close effective immediately

Andy Cole, Editor-in-Chief

STATESBORO — Following our reporting on the White House coronavirus task force’s state report, penned on Sunday, The Blue Room has chosen to temporarily close effective immediately. 

“We have made the decision to close for the next 7-14 days to monitor the continued spread of COVID, as well as the guidance of our local and State governments,” said William Bridwell, partner at The Blue Room. 

According to the statement, provided to The George-Anne, no employee has shown any signs of COVID-19. Bridwell says they’re doing this as a precaution.

“This is strictly a recommendation that we feel is our responsibility and in the best interest of our community and for the students of GSU,” said Bridwell. 

The move comes less than 24 hours after our reporting on the latest COVID-19 state report identified the city of Statesboro and Bulloch, Liberty and Chatham counties as “red zones.”

A red zone, as defined by the report, is a location that, “During the last week reported both new cases above 100 per 100,000 population, and a viral (RT-PCR) lab test positivity result above 10%.”

The report also recommends closure of gyms and limiting social gatherings to 10 in red zones. 

This is an active story. The George-Anne will continue to monitor the situation.