Why does Georgia have runoff elections?


Fernanda Camacho Hauser, Correspondent

We voted for president and vice president, sheriffs, senators, coroners and, for some of us, on other federal or local positions we didn’t know existed. We’ve kept up to date with the recount and all it entails. So why are we still hearing political ads and being told to keep voting?

When it comes to voting someone into office, the candidate doesn’t just need more votes than the other candidates who are vying for the position. They need a certain predetermined number of votes in order to win office or a significant percentage more over the candidate with the second most votes. Such as the magic 270 electoral votes for presidency and vice presidency. 

In Georgia, prospective senators must reach at least 50-percent to be elected. Since there were more than just two candidates running in the senate elections, no candidate reached the magic number.

Because of this, runoff elections are slated for January 5. One race is between Senator David Perdue (I-R) and Jon Ossoff (D), while the other is between Kelly Loeffler (I-R) and Reverend Raphael Warnock (D)

For this runoff election, the voter registration deadline is December 7. Early elections start on December 14 and the election is slated for January 5.