We the Kings plays a royal show at Armstrong

As the lights dimmed, turning the packed auditorium pitch black, the audience’s steady conversations turned into ear piercing cheers as We the Kings made their way onto the stage. Although the group was missing guitarist and background vocalist Coley O’Toole, who was with his wife welcoming their newborn into the world, the group still drove the crowd wild.

We the Kings started as a group of middle school boys from Bradenton, Fla., with a passion for music. They adopted their name from Kings Middle School where they met.

However, there were times when the group considered other occupations in their childhood. Travis Clark, the lead singer stated, “I had a weird dream about being a pizza delivery boy,” to which Hunter Thomsen proudly added, “I did that once.”

“I wanted to be an astronaut,” Charles Trippy commented. His response resorted in his fellow band members teasing him – specifically Hunter, who waved his hands in the air while replying, “Ohh, space and gravity.”

All four members spent a few moments laughing before they settled down, giving Danny Duncan the chance to speak.
“I think we all wanted to be musicians at heart.”
“I’ve been a fan for a couple of years,” Courtney Cochran, a psychology major, said. “I like Check Yes Juliet, it’s really good.”
Courtney wasn’t the only fan to adore the hit single. Simone Hollie agreed that it was her favorite as well.
“I haven’t been to a concert in a while. I’m usually stressed out this time of year, so it’s really nice that I didn’t have to go anywhere to see them,” Hollie said.
Lead singer Travis made the statement that Check Yes Juliet was also his favorite, claiming it was the song that started it all for them.
“No, what started it all for us was Skyway Avenue,” Danny implied. “It was our first music video.”
“Well, This is My Town is my favorite,” Hunter cut in. “It has the name of our hometown in the first sentence.”
While the group debated on what had started it all, Charles played Armor of Hope on his phone. “This is what really started it all. It was the first song ever written.”
When asked about how they liked Savannah, Travis explained how they had been to the city before to play for SCAD. He also repeatedly stated, “Savannah has some incredible sweet tea, and you can quote me on that.”
“Armstrong is by far the best college we’ve been to,” Danny replied. “We actually got dorms to sleep in after we arrived. That’s never happened before.”
The show, which started at 8 p.m., was opened by band Darry Miller and the Veil, a group from Pennsylvania. It was filled with great music, cheers and laughter, especially after Darry introduced himself with, “We’re happy to be in Savannah,” before pausing to work on his guitar and continuing with, “Gotta turn on the amp for the bass to work.”
The show ended with half of the audience on stage after the band played Check Yes Juliet as the closing song. Many excited fans walked away with souvenirs such as drumsticks or guitar picks. Katie Wyman summed up the audience’s sentiment when screamed, “I love you, We The Kings!”