New professors bring more variety to campus


Teresa Durham, Staff Writer

A wave of new of professors are shaking things up in the academic departments at Armstrong. From much needed additional course sections to full-blown new minors, having enough course offerings is the least of worries.

The new professors are not replacements for faculty but additions to the current teaching staff. With an increase in enrolled students and higher demand for more course offerings, the addition of new professors has come at the perfect time.  As a matter of fact, one new professor, Dr. Virginia Estabrook, is on a mission to further expand possibilities for Armstrong students.

Senior liberal arts major Amy Butler, said, “She is working hard to [add] a minor and major in Anthropology. She is adding new Anthropology courses, mainly biological and forensic courses.”

Dr. Estabrook is one of many that has chosen Armstrong as home. Many areas of campus have seen new additions from higher administration to part-time professors. Some of these individuals were promoted internally while others were completely new to Armstrong. Top levels of administration such as Deans of Health Professions, Liberal Arts, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs being also welcome new staff.

According to Language, Literature, and Philosophy Department Head, Dr. Beth Howells, “All universities look to hire every year for various reasons. This is the time of year [that] this happens to have faculty on staff to cover courses for fall.”

New faculty bring different experiences and different teaching styles to students. With these different experiences and styles come new ways to learn and new ideas for Armstrong’s changing environment.

As plenty of students have seen, many Armstrong departments are still hiring. Students will soon see more candidates being tested on their skills in a classroom setting. As new professors from around the country and abroad make their way to Armstrong, students and staff will be able to enjoy an array of new courses, a more vibrant campus and experience unique new teaching styles.