Armstrong artist profile: Sonia Mednick


sonia mednick profile
Mednick’s “Marbles” made with pastels

Melanie Gibson, Staff Writer

21-year-old Sonia Mednick is a fourth-year Art major here at Armstrong, specializing  in Graphic Design.

Mednick’s favorite medium is the Copic marker, a tool more commonly employed in the creation of comics and other areas of illustration. A love for cartooning nurtured her skill for coloring and freehand sketching with the pens.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to design characters for either movies or television shows,” she said.

In her first year at Armstrong, Mednick was actually majoring in Psychology. The shift in career choice allowed her more creative right-brain leeway than what was available before.

sonia mednick profile2
Typographic self portrait of Sonia Mednick

Her love for art began in elementary school— her inspiration fueled by bringing joy to her friends and family through handmade presents.

“I’m constantly making gifts for my friends and family. The people I love and care about inspire me everyday to make great art.”

Mednick was born in Germany and lived in Tennessee until her father returned to active duty, resulting in multiple home changes leading her to start at Armstrong. She explained that “since [they] moved around a lot, [she doesn’t] consider [herself] from one place.”

She’s the first person in her immediate family to pursue an artistic career. However, through her dedication to creative study and her art’s ability to spread positive sentiment, Mednick has inspired her brother to explore his creative boundaries.

Her ultimate goal is to work for either Disney or Pixar, but in the meantime, Mednick plans on completing her degree, providing freelance work, and learning how to animate her own landscapes and characters so she may be an even more significant asset to any artistic team.