Band Profile: AKILAVUE of Hilton Head


AKILLAVUEJohn Keen, Staff Writer

“[We’re] a powerful band. I wish I’ve always had a lineup this great to play with,” said Doug Marshall, lead singer for AKILAVUE [pronounced A killer view.]

Marshall, former lead singer of Souls Harbor and current lead singer for Souls Harbor acoustic, knows what it takes to be successful. While touring from Virginia down to South Georgia, Souls Harbor played with quite an impressive array of musical talent.

“We toured with Hinder for five to seven shows, worked with Papa Roach for a few shows, and toured with [Atlanta based] Sevendust for a few shows,” says Marshall.

Souls Harbor success did not stop there, however. They opened festivals for bands such as: Korn, Chevelle, Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin and Georgia-based Mastadon.

Marshall, despite Souls Harbor’s success, felt it was time to move his music career in a different direction.

“It was time to venture off, to start something new with different people. People just as focused on success as I am.”

Finding successful people is what Marshall went out and did when he founded AKILAVUE.

Doug McCarthy, drummer, has been playing music for 12 years including a stint with The Higher. Sonny Bond, who plays with Marshall for Souls Harbor acoustic, is lead guitar and brings a southern rock style. Ryan Bennet plays rhythm guitar. Davey Masteller plays bass and Marshall is lead vocals.

“We’re definitely an eclectic group,” Marshall said.

AKILAVUE’s first CD, “Carousel,” produced by Skid Mills of Nashville, who has worked with Skillet, Saving Abel, Saliva and many others, is set to be released June 17 with digital download available one week prior.  

“Carousel’s sound is ambient, more melodic, [since] all songs were written on acoustic guitar. It’s very modern rock, too, with influences from Avenged Sevenfold, Death Tones and AFI [A Fire Inside].”

AKILAVUE’s first show will be May 20 at The Sparrow in Charleston, South Carolina, where they are opening for Madam Adam, followed by a CD release party at Savannah’s Barrel House June 18.

While AKILAVUE has yet to play their first show, Marshall has high hopes for them.

“We’re starting off local, for now. But we’re definitely going to venture off into different markets.”

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