Armstrong Gets “Dragged”

Rachel Hammond, Staff Contributor

On April 11, students had the opportunity to watch a drag show right here on campus. The event in its fifth-annual run, was put on by the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) along with the Office of Multicultural Affairs and featured local drag queen Chi Chi Bonet Sherrington from Savannah’s Club One as the host.

For those unfamiliar with drag, it is the act of wearing clothes that presumably belong to a different gender.

At this show, several people came out to perform dressed to the nines: sequins, immaculately made up faces, and of course, big lively wigs.

Among the performers were several Club One entertainers Chi Chi Bonet Sherrington, Treyla Trash and Jordan Sophia Alexander.

Performer Jordan Sophia Alexander. Photo by Dr. Ryan Groom.

The show also welcomed back Armstrong alumni Carman iCandy and Alana Coke and showcased current students from Armstrong, Arista Diamonds, Anita Bail and Smack Diaz, and the Crew.

The queens and kings lip-synced and danced to songs by the iconic Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Sam Smith and several others.

After the first number performed by iCandy, our host announced that Carman’s family was among the audience. The crowd erupted into applause as Sherrington thanked the parents for their support of the LGBTQ+ community.

During each number, members of the audience sprang to their feet to offer dollar bills to the artist when they did anything notable. Each queen and king made off with a substantial amount of dollars, as the audience sprinkled singles on the dancers.

Every song performed was accompanied by killer dance moves, including more than one death-drop and several cartwheels. As the night pressed on, the final number featured Diamonds, Coke and Bail performed “Lose My Breath” by Destiny’s Child. The trio had choreographed moves and lip-synced perfectly to the song.

Georgia Southern students, alumni and a Club One member who were perfomers in the show. Photo by Dr. Ryan Groom.

After the final number, all the performers gathered onstage for a group photo. Outside, iCandy had her own merchandise for sale, emblazoned with a sparkling #Carmaniacs on the back of the apparel.

Members of the audience also had the opportunity to get photos taken with the performers. Overall, the Drag Show was a wonderful experience for show veterans and newcomers alike. For anyone interested or curious about drag, you can catch more performances at Club One in Savannah on Thursdays (21+) and Sundays (18+).