Hit the Beach Before the Books at Eagle Beach Bash


Students hanging out by the pier at last year’s Beach Bash. Photo by Madison Watkins.

Thuy-Linh Dang, Staff Writer

Before the days are filled with all books and coffee, let us dive into a sea of fun with our upcoming Eagle Beach Bash that is taking place on Tybee Island! 

The event is located next to Tybee Pier from 4-7 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 23. All students from Armstrong, Statesboro and Hinesville are welcome to participate in this fun-filled day on the beach. 

The Eagle Beach Bash is sponsored by the Office of Student Activities (OSA) and the University Programming Board (UPB). There will be food, games and special giveaways at the bash for the entirety of the event. Arrive early and get a free t-shirt! 

Alyssa Johnson, a senior and member of UPB expects a large crowd based on last year’s attendance of at least “two full busses from both Statesboro and Armstrong campus.” 

Shuttle seating will be limited. You can register for the shuttle on the event’s MyInvolvement page.

On the topic of the event being open to all campuses, Johnson said, “[It’s] good because you get to meet new people and it is a great start to the new semester.”

Jordan Lane, a junior Business Marketing major, is looking forward to the event. “[It’s] good for all three campuses, because it allows organizations to meet and get to know each other, especially to collaborate with other organizations.”

While some students were anticipating the event, others were unaware of the beach bash happening at all. “This was the first time I heard about it. There wasn’t that much info,” remarked Professional Communications major Ellie Weathers.

Rain or shine, the event is happening!

“Be safe, don’t do anything crazy, and have fun!” finished Johnson.