Not Just a Pink Ribbon


The words “Save Hope” over several multi-colored ribbons. Photo by Rebecca Munday.

Rebecca Munday, Staff Writer

On Oct. 8, The University Programming Board (UPB) hosted Blue+Gold=Pink Paint Day in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month on the Student Union patio. Students were invited to make art to raise awareness and were given paint and canvases to get their vision included.

Participants in the Blue + Gold = Pink Paint Day. Photo by Rebecca Munday.

“I just wanted to support breast cancer awareness,”said Kenya Cousin on why she came to the Blue + Gold = Pink Paint Day. 

 Students crowded around three tables with trademark pink tablecloths to work on their art. Many paintings depicted the traditional breast cancer pink ribbon with a colorful background. Other paintings featured more than one ribbon. One painting featured the word “hope” with a ribbon in place of the letter “O.” 

Kee’Ara Smith with her finished painting. Photo by Rebecca Munday.

The painting that Amaiya Murphy did was of a woman’s bust. When asked why she included more of the body than the rest of the paintings, “It’s for breast cancer awareness month so that’s why I chose to include the breasts,”  Murphy said matter-of-factly.   

For Ciara Scurry, this event hit close to home; she said “I came [to the event] because my aunt recently passed away from breast cancer.” 

Health Services had an informational table with breast models that students could feel the model and what an abnormal lump in the breast felt like and where to look. The table also had a chart telling students where to look for lumps. 

Lajoyce Mcgrew painting her ribbon. Photo by Rebecca Munday.
Lajoyce Mcgrew with her finished painting. Photo by Rebecca Munday.

After painting, some students participated in a one-mile fun run at the Student Recreation Center from 1-3 p.m.

For more information about breast cancer or other health services contact Health Promotion Coordinator Dr.Gemma Skurtatan at (912) 478-1283.