Must-Watch Christmas Movies

Poster for “The Holiday Calendar.” Photo from

Thuy-Linh Dang, Staff Writer

Finals week is coming just around the corner. You know what else is coming up just around the corner? Christmas.

If you are anything like me, Christmas isn’t just a one-day holiday. It is a year-long holiday.

I have been excited and ready to celebrate Christmas since Dec. 26 of last year. While I am great at procrastinating, one thing I do not procrastinate is anything and everything Christmas-related.

So, with finals next week, you better bet I am procrastinating on everything finals-related by burying myself under cozy blankets and sipping on a nice mug of chocolatey hot chocolate with extra mini ‘mallows with this list of my must-watch Christmas movies.

Whether you’re a classic Christmas movie fanatic or a cheesy Christmas romantic like me, here is a must-watch list for everyone during this merry, jolly and bright/finals procrastinating season.

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

Before Taylor Momsen played the teen we loved to hate in “Gossip Girl”, she was the sweet Cindy Lou Who that warmed our hearts and the Grinch’s. This Christmas classic is a must watch every Christmas!


Everyone knows a Christmas must watch list is not complete without this Will Ferrell movie! This movie is the perfect movie to kick off the Christmas season!

“The Year Without a Santa Claus”

A Christmas must-watch list is not complete without having some of those claymations in the list. This one is an absolute favorite. You meet the Miser brothers and the whole Christmas gang.

“The Holiday Calendar”

These cheesy Netflix Christmas romance movies have become an absolute weakness of mine in the last year. This movie is just so sweet and the perfect movie to cuddle up with some warm blankets and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate!

“A Christmas Prince”

Another one of those cheesy Netflix Christmas romance movies for the books and this one is a three-parter (the final installment will be released Dec. 5). What’s not to love about this movie? A journalist that lands herself in a castle and falls in love with a prince? Yes, please!