Rec & Wellness Center hosts Get Well Fair


Trinity Sandifer (sophomore)

By Katie Graves, Staff Writer

The Get Well Fair is an event hosted by the Recreation & Wellness Center here on campus, held every semester in partnership with companies and organizations both on campus and off in an effort to promote student wellness and health. This semester, the Get Well Fair was hosted on Wed, Feb. 12, in front of the Student Union.

Students, faculty, and vendors that attended this week’s Get Well Fair were asked how important it was for them to de-stress, and what their favorite way to relax is. 

“A big way that I find to destress is to actually exercise, once you get done you feel so good and empowered and confident,” Trinity Sandifer, a Political Science major says, “De-stressing is a big thing for me especially with being a student and finding a healthy way to destress, so I found that in the gym.” 

Becca Smith, the Assistant Director of the Counseling center says, “I think it’s really important to not only focus on others but really focus on yourself to reduce stress and know when to say no. I think it’s  important to take a few moments each day to either walk, stretch, listen to music that you really like, read something you really like…just to kinda do something for you. Self care, for me, is really important.” 

“I really love listening to music and making playlists on Spotify…roller skating! Roller Skating is probably my favorite way, whenever I roller skate it’s just me and I don’t have to worry about any of my other problems,” Gina Valequez, a sophomore says.


Iman Atiba and Karen Collins ran booth for Brighter Day Natural Foods Market with healthy goodies for students to sample
Trinity Sandifer (sophomore) had all the information for the Rec & Wellness Center and their fitness schedule along with fun activities
Abby Garrett (GSU Alumni) with SAFE Shelter
Play and Win with Ania Lanier (freshman)
Becca Smith (Assistant Director) of the Counseling Center on campus with stress balls and information of their programs for students
Carol Paige with Mary Telfair Women’s Hospital
Katrina Yaneza (senior) and Nick Klinge (sophomore) with the Campus Recreation & Intramurals