Fall 2020 Changes to Eagle Dining Plans


By Rebecca Munday, Editor

In order to ensure social distancing guidelines are met in the dining halls, the university made some changes not only to the dining halls, but to the dining plans as well. This article will explain the updates the university made to all the dining plans to help students better understand what these changes mean for their meal times. 

The Eagle Blue and Eagle Gold plans no longer offer unlimited meal swipes at the Galley. Instead, dining plan holders may only use up to four meal swipes per day. 

Students with Eagle Blue are restricted to 14 meal swipes per week at the Galley. Eagle Blue also comes with 100 dining dollars per semester, which can be spent at any on-campus retail dining location or GUS Mart. Students with the Eagle Gold plan are restricted to 19 meals swipes per week and 300 dining dollars per semester. 

Due to the new restrictions on the Eagle Dining plans, the university cut the prices. Eagle Blue now costs $1500 a semester and Eagle Gold now costs $1750 per semester. If a student bought the Eagle Blue plan, or purchased Gold for Blue plan, before the price change they will be refunded $225.

In addition to the changes made to the existing dining plans, the university added two new dining plans: the Eagle Three and the Eagle Five. These dining plans aim to provide commuters, faculty, staff, and community members with more convenient dining options. The dining plan holder can purchase three meals per week at the Galley for $395 or 5 meals per week for $660. 

EagleXpress and Budget Bucks packages are still available to use at any retail dining location or GUS Mart. To purchase or change a dining plan, please contact Eagle Card Center at eaglecardoffice@georgiasouthern.edu or 912-478-5311. For any questions, please contact eagledining@georgiasouthern.edu