Changes to SARC Accommodations

By Rebecca Munday, Editor

For students who receive accommodations through the Student Accessibility Resource Center (SARC) requesting and receiving those accommodations for next semester will be a little different than usual.

Once students have been approved to receive accommodations, they should go online and fill out the accommodation letter request form for the Armstrong campus.

In past semesters, students have picked up a paper copy of their accommodation letter from the SARC office on the second floor of Memorial College Center. Then, they would go meet with their professors to discuss their accommodations.

However, because most professors now hold virtual office hours, the accommodation letters will now be emailed directly to each professor and students will be copied on the email so they know their professors received their accommodation letter.

As for testing accommodations, the testing room on the Armstrong campus regularly holds 10 students at a time but with social distancing guidelines that number had to be cut in half.

For students who may be worried that not all their accommodations are possible in an online format, the SARC office has a plan. “Georgia Southern has a contract with the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation (CIDI) which allows student to download assistive software onto their own computers,” Kelly Woodruff, the Director of the Student Accessibility Resource Center, said.

If students are having issues utilizing their accommodations in an online setting, please contact SARC at 912-344-2572 or email them at Students can also schedule an appointment with SARC in-person or virtually via Google Meet or Zoom.