FDA pauses Johnson & Johnson vaccine distribution, GS to continue to administer Moderna

Some students will have to return for their second dose after classes conclude now that Johnson & Johnson distribution is halted

Eden Hodges, Managing Editor

Following an announcement from Georgia Southern on Friday to begin distributing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine,  the FDA paused the vaccine’s country-wide distribution Tuesday to investigate side-effects some Americans experienced after receiving this vaccine.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been praised as the only single-dose vaccine for COVID-19 and has been found to be 72% effective in the US. In addition to the perk of being single-dose, the vaccine also does not require the ultra-cold storage required for the Pfizer vaccine, which is one of the reasons that GS chose to distribute the Moderna vaccine.

Although the university made plans to begin administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine starting this week, after the announcement by the FDA, they will continue to administer only the Moderna vaccine, which may cause some to return for their second dose after classes end.

Vaccine distribution continues this Friday at the RAC. Appointments can be made through your MyGeorgiaSouthern account.