Students’ Thoughts on the New USG Guidance for Vaccinated Individuals

Armstrong Eagles Comment on Updated USG Guidance for Vaccinated Individuals

The University System of Georgia (USG) newly released guideline recommendations for university policies for the upcoming Fall semester. After approaching students on the Armstrong campus on Friday, Jun. 4, some were willing to comment on the USG’s suggested university procedures.

The USG stated in a live update on May 17, 2021 that they “strongly encourage faculty, staff, students and visitors to get vaccinated and continue to do so. While the vaccines are safe and effective, it is an individual decision to receive one and will not be required to be a part of our campuses.”

The USG added in another live update that fully vaccinated individuals are free to attend normal campus classes and activities without wearing face coverings while unvaccinated individuals are urged to continue doing so.

“I think that makes sense,” Nick Hickman, a senior, said. “Everybody should still be wearing a mask if they’re not vaccinated. I think that’s a good plan not to force face coverings on individuals.”
The USG stated institutions are expected to resume traditional student activities beginning Fall 2021 regardless of whether individuals are vaccinated or not.
“If the institutions do resume traditional activities in Fall of 2021 then it is on the individuals to become vaccinated,” Nathan Chapman, a senior, said. “I believe there should be no more accommodations given to those who refuse to become vaccinated. While it doesn’t matter to me if someone got the vaccine or not, I believe institutions shouldn’t give out accommodations to those who are unvaccinated when the vaccine is available.”

While vaccinations are available through the university and local community providers, the university is not required to measure the vaccination rate amongst the university population.

“I just feel like they should keep track of the COVID cases and make sure they’re going down,” Sammy Sawyers, a sophomore, said.

For more information about the University System of Georgia’s latest COVID-19 guidance, read “USG Publishes New Guidelines for Vaccinated Individuals for Fall 2021” or click here to read the full USG guidance.