Civilian injured after shooting at Kennedy Hall


Shay Parker, Correspondent

One civilian suffered injuries after a road rage incident turned south Wednesday night and shots were fired at Kennedy Hall.

The victim, a non-Georgia-Southern student, turned his car onto a road that led to campus as the assailant chased after firing shots, according to Jennifer Wise, director of communications at GS. 

The victim suffered minor injuries unrelated to the gunshots, and the assailant fled the scene. No one involved is known to be affiliated with GS, said Wise.

The incident occurred around 9:30, according to an Eagle Alert sent out an hour later. Georgia Southern released an update on their Facebook page.

Students in Kennedy Hall felt a little concerned but still safe even after the shooting.

“I was a little worried,” said AJ Jones, a student in Kennedy Hall.

“I don’t think that anything catastrophic will happen,” student EJ Jarrell said.

Students admit feeling a little concerned but feel like this is an event that doesn’t happen a lot.

“We’ve been here for three months and this is the first thing that happened,” said student Ayden Stewart.

Although it raises some safety concerns, these students felt safe and doubted it would happen again.

University Police are still looking for the assailant.