Campus Chick-fil-A expands menu


Briyanna Thompson, Correspondent

After almost two years of having limited menu items, Georgia Southern’s on-campus Chick-fil-A Express expanded past just the original chicken sandwich and nuggets Friday.

GS’ on-campus CFA has had limited menu items since spring 2020, only including their original chicken sandwiches, fries and nuggets. Starting Friday, the CFA added spicy chicken sandwiches, milkshakes and frosted coffees to their menu. 

“It’s very refreshing to have more options to choose from now,” said student Kashawna Watson.  “I hadn’t been coming to Chick-fil-A on campus as much anymore because I was tired of having the same two things.” 

Students are excited about this change and happy to have a bit more variety of items. 

“I saw fruit cups and now they have milkshakes,” said student Nicholas Richy. “We’ll definitely be going more often.”  The CFA drink menu was limited to just fountain drinks, lemonades and teas. The menu has now expanded to milkshakes, iced coffee, frosted lemonades and more. 

“I’m excited for it,” said Zahirah Wilson. “I’m glad to be able to see the menu and have more to choose from than nuggets and a chicken sandwich.” 

“Milkshakes and spicy chicken sandwiches are always my go to, so I will definitely be stopping by here more often now,” said Kashawna Watson.