An Evening With Silk Sonic: Album Review

The first album by the talented duo is finally here. 

An Evening With Silk Sonic: Album Review

Erin Chambers, Culture Editor

If you haven’t heard of Silk Sonic by now, you might just be living under a rock. The musical pairings of Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars have already taken the music industry by storm, and their debut album just dropped today. 

While the duo released their first single in March of 2021, the two have been working together since 2017. .Paak was the opener for Mars’s European leg of his 24K Magic World Tour. Working 

Paak and Mars, both successful musicians in their own right, have come together to produce a R&B album filled with funk and soul. The tracks are just covered in seventies flare with hints of modernity in the lyrics. 

Let’s take a dive into the An Evening With Silk Sonic‘s track list.

“Silk Sonic Intro”

The first song on the album sets the tone for any album, and “Silk Sonic Intro” is no different. The dynamic duo’s album represents an evening with Silk Sonic, and this intro is the perfect opening track. It’s full of charisma and spunk. It’s the song you play while you’re getting ready to go to the club. Some intros on albums are forgetful. This one, however, is not.

Best lyric: “Who y’all came to see tonight? Who gon’ get the ladies feeling something?”

“Leave The Door Open”

While the intro sets the tone for the track list, “Leave The Door Open” sets the tone on what to expect from Mars and .Paak. The second song on the album debuted as a promotional single back in March and rapidly climbed the charts. It has over six million streams on Spotify alone, for good reason. 

This soulful track takes you back in time. While a lot of today’s pop music has transcended into an EDM feel with hip-hop features, Silk Sonic brings back that classic old school R&B feel. The lyrics are catchy, while the beats and percussions are incredibly dreamy. 

Best lyric: “I’m just here waiting for you / Come on over, I’ll adore you”

“Fly As Me”

If you were looking for a new song that makes you feel like a total badass, look no further than “Fly As Me.” This song makes me want to put on my tallest boots and coolest pair of shades just to strut down the sidewalk. This song will inject confidence into you via your headphones. It’s hard to pick a favorite on this album, but this track is definitely up there. 

Best lyric: “I deserve to be with somebody as fly as me” 

“After Last Night (with Thundercat & Bootsy Collins)”

While Bootsy Collins is featured on much of the album, his personality and performance is shown off on “After Last Night.” The track also features Thundercat, a fellow soul artist whose music is filled with undertones of acid jazz. 

This song feels like a production. It sounds more polished than the rest of the album, which is not to say other tracks sound unfinished. This one in particular is more smooth, while the others hit hard. 

Best lyric: “Wishin’ on a shootin’ star, say a pray for me / And hope it comes true”

“Smokin Out The Window”

This song is, without a doubt, insanely catchy. And the music video? Even better. Since its release on November 5, the album’s third single has been everywhere. I’ve seen it all over Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok, and for good reason. 

The lyrics are as hilarious as they are catchy. I swear I catch myself singing the line, “This. Bitch!” (#iykyk) at least 13 times a day. If you haven’t heard the song yet, please do it justice by watching the music video for it. 

Best lyric: “This bitch got me payin’ her rent, payin’ for trips”

“Put On A Smile”

The sixth track on the album is a confession of love over a bed of classic soulful chord progressions. It is one of the more mellow tracks, but it still delivers that infectious pop music that Mars is undoubtedly known for. 

Best lyric: “I could be a movie star the way I play the part like everything’s okay”


The bass intro of this song is fantastic. “777” is definitely more rock than the other tracks. It sounds like an Anderson .Paak song that features Bruno Mars. If this song had been out at the time of the first Hangover movie, it would have definitely been featured in it. I’ve never been to Vegas or played the slots, but this song is making me feel like I need to go.

Best lyric: “Moonwalk to the money like I’m Mike Jack”


“Skate” sounds like a love letter found in a time capsule from the seventies. This is definitely my favorite track off the album. If you’re looking for that perfectly cute and infectious song to send to your crush or significant other, this is the one. Whenever I listen to this song, I imagine myself rolling around a skating rink under a glittering disco ball. The vibes are truly immaculate. 

Best lyric: “In a room full of dimes, you would be a hundred dollars”

“Blast Off”

For the ninth and final track of the album, the tempo is a bit slower, but definitely not the lesser. For an album that was created during quarantine, it feels out of this world. This song in particular feels like floating on clouds. It feels powerful and sensual. 

Best lyric: “Let’s tip-toe to a magical place / Blast off and kiss the moon tonight”