Armstrong Housing will Remain Open During Thanksgiving Break, Staff Limited

Georgia Southern’s Armstrong Housing Department sent out an email to on-campus residents on Friday, Nov. 19 2021. The email was mainly concerning logistical information that students living in campus dormitories should be aware of.

Specifically, the email informed students that the residence halls will not be closing during the upcoming Thanksgiving break, but staffing will be in limited capacity. Students can expect longer wait times if they need to call to be let into their dorms, and the Front Desk will not be open during the break.

The email recommended contacting the on-call residential advisor if you run into significant problems, or campus police in case of emergency. The on-call RA can be reached at (912) 429-9063 and campus police can be reached at (912) 344-3333.

This is not the same scenario that will occur during Winter Break, as the housing buildings are expected to be closed between the Fall and Spring Semesters.

The email also suggested that students should familiarize themselves with the Galley’s adjusted hours for the break, which can be found here.

Georgia Southern housing information on all campuses can be found on the housing webpage. For more information and news about ongoing events and services on the Armstrong campus, visit the Inkwell’s website.