Time Flies Review

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  • Minh Nguyen and Abby Pfeifer in ‘Universal Language’

  • Logan Western and Sarah Lee in ‘Sure Thing’

  • Ava Mueller, Logan Western, and Kai LaFollette in ‘Words, Words, Words’

  • Jerry Miller and Gabby Reilly in ‘Bolero’

  • Minh Nguyen, Ethan Goble, Daryann Roberson, Logan Western and Ava Mueller in ‘The Mystery of Twicknam Vircarage’

  • Abby Pfeifer, Gabby Reilly, Kai LaFollette and Minh Nguyen in ‘Enigma Variations’

  • Ava Mueller and Sarah Lee in ‘The Philadelphia’

  • Jerry Miller and Daryann Roberson in ‘Time Flies’

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Time Flies, a student-directed collection of short plays opened on Wednesday, Feb. 23rd. Each short featured an aspect of time as an important component within their plots. A ticking clock announced the end of every play and led into the next.

The intimate set design made it feel as though the show were happening around the audience. At points the actors would be within arms reach of where I sat. With only the slight rearrangement of furniture and a minor adjustment, each short felt like a completely new world.

The stories included a love story about two mayflies who realize they’ll be dead by sunlight, monkeys who write sonnets for cigarettes and a couple who may (or may not) be witnesses to the audible murder of their neighbor.

There were points in the show where the entire room crackled with laughter. The ensemble was made up of a brilliant group of actors who threw themselves into their roles. The true humor lies within their ability to be wholly transformed.

Under the direction of Hannah Dodson, Time Flies is a thrilling, gregarious must-see.